NEW : Ultimate Multi-Tasking with the Perricone MD Refreshing Shower Mask.

Face masks and Multi-Tasking are two keywords I like to hear together. This brand new Perricone MD Refreshing Shower Mask incorporates both the above so immediately garnered my attention. Here’s the lowdow..

I think we are al feeling on the same page at the moment ; overwhelmed with ALL the things ; blogging, career, trying to not to be the most WORST friend ever by evading meet-ups and nights out, trying to occasionally talk to your partner, keeping atop on social media, endless lists, multi-tasking and there is just never enough time in these measly days. Life seems to be non-stop right now and anything to save me a lil’ bitta time is already a win.

This refreshing shower mask is part of the new ‘Pre: Empt Series’ from Perricone MD. The Pre: Empt Series is an antioxidant-rich first signs of ageing, pre anti-ageing type range. Basically to stop the problems before they even start. It is, I guess, one of the more *basic* ranges from Perricone MD, so a great price point and perhaps a starting base if you want to try and step into this amazing brand.

Who is this mask for?

Anyone who wants a quick skin boost in the morning, a skin re-fresh, tired skin, dull skin, rough skin & overworked skin. Ever wake up with a hangover and need to fix-up quick? = THIS MASK.

What’s in it?

This unique mask has a cocktail on ingredients including the Pre: Empt Series signature ingredient ; NRF2 Antioxdant Support Complex* , Squalene, Jojoba Esters, & Licorice. This mask softens the skin, re-texturises, cools and protects the skin from heat stress from too much heat from the shower.

* WTAF is this = this is a potent antioxidant rich blend of ingredients that makes a unique complex. It contains Cress Sprouts, Tumeric, Green Tea & Olive Leaf. This is the signature complex for the Pre:Empt Series.

Why you may love it?

Turn your shower into a mini facial haven with this green-gel cooling mask. Simply apply it before you get into your shower, leave it on for the duration of your shower and allow the shower’s heat & steam to activate the mask, then rinse off as your last step. You can also use this out of the shower if you prefer, simply apply and leave on for up to 15 minutes then use a cloth to remove.

I love the idea of this in-shower mask and I haven’t seen anything on the market quite like it. I guess it’s similar to any kind of brightening/ refreshing mask BUT it has the addition of the heat stress protection AND it has a unique geling agent to ensure the product actually stays on in-shower yet will still rinse off when you give it a rub : most masks will come off as you are showering. So NOT just a glorified face mask people!

This has just launched in the UK and costs £32.