Mulberry bag DISCOUNT & Mulberry bag sales : Read before Buying!

mulberry bag discount sale

Mulberry bag discount & Mulberry bag sales!

Mulberry handbags can be snapped in the sales and on discount via numerous ways.  Today I’m going to chat about all the ways to score this elusive Mulberry bag discount and for really good prices in the sales.

I have shopped for Mulberry handbags in most of the ways : full price in-store, at their factory shop in Somerset, at Bicester village and even in the early bird Boxing day sales in a department store! If you want to snag a bargain on Mulberry handbags then keep reading and I’ll talk you through some of the BEST ways to get a discount on Mulberry handbags. Sometimes you have auto be a little savvy and in-the-know to get the best Mulberry bag discounts.

mulberry bag discount sale

Mulberry bag discount : the best ways to get deals :

Mulberry Handbag Sales.

They *do* happen online at Mulberry, post-season and of course Boxing Day etc and there can be some great savings. I’ve not personally had much luck online as often I find they are the seasonal shades that I have never fancied much but I know some people who have gotten really lucky with the Mulberry sales online. I think you just need to be very quick and kind of know what you are after.

1.) Black Friday.

Last year there wasn’t a great deal going on over on Mulberry although department stores and certain retailers will definitely have discount – you can usually expect 10-15% off on designer handbags such as Mulberry. It doesn’t seem major, just 10% or so but if you are spending over £1000 on a handbag it can be a real chunk of cash that you are saving. Get looking now so you can be quick to go on the hunt on the day/week of Black Friday.

2.) Christmas & Boxing Day Sales.

The main sale of the year, and the ‘big one’ after Black Friday. I actually picked up my Mulberry Oversized Alexa in the boxing day sales (maybe around 15 years ago now?!) and saved around £400! PS my review of the Mulberry oversized Alexa is right here if you are eyeing one up, it really is a fabulous Mulberry bag!

3.) Mulberry Outlets.

There I a few here in the UK. Bicester Village being the obvious one and one I can tell you about a bit more as I purchased my Mulberry Tillie at Bicester Village. It was a great experience, they actually had so many lovely deigns and colours on the day I went but with any outlet shopping it really is hit and miss and luck on the day you go. I always, always get to Bicester about 20 minutes before the shops open. You can grab a coffee, get yourself psyched up, make a plan of action and get in and out before the crowds appear.

Other Mulberry outlets include Mulberry York Outlet and Mulberry Cheshire Oaks, I have a full post HERE on Mulberry outlet shopping here in the UK.

4.) Mulberry Bag Factory Outlet (Somerset)

This is the Mulberry HQ and factory in Somerset ; This is the heart of Mulberry handbags and where they are all made! They also have a shop/ outlet where you can find discounted Mulberry handbags, the occasional factory seconds and old seasonal designs and shades. There are some decent savings to be had around 20%-40% and it’s luck on the day to what the stock will be like.

5.) Vestiaire Collective x Mulberry.

Mulberry have joined forces with Vestiaire Collective so they are an official retailer of Mulberry handbags. You can explore a curated selection of rare and vintage bags from the Mulberry archives –  all available to shop over on Vestiaire Collective.

Vestiaire authenticate the Mulberry handbags and it’s a very safe way to shop for second-hand mulberry handbags and you get some very competitive savings. I’ve just had a look over there and they have a stunning green Mulberry Alexa on sale at the moment! It’s worth checking back frequently.

6.) Shop Mulberry handbags on Online Marketplaces.

Ebay, Depop etc: You can definitely find legit and authentic Mulberry handbags on all these sites but obviously you just need to be more careful with buying designer items this way. It’s handy to know how to spot a fake Mulberry bag and authenticate it so READ MY POST HERE on ho to spot a Real vs Fake Mulberry handbag. However, if you are lucky and manage to find what you are looking for at the right price, you can get a Mulberry handbag for more than 50/60% off this way. The highest reward, and possibly the highest risk!

7.) Mulberry Preloved.

This is a great initiative from Mulberry themselves where you can sell your old Mulberry bags back to Mulberry and get credit for a new handbag. This is called the Mulberry exchange. You get around 25% of the retail price for your bag. I often look on Mulberry preloved as they have some really beautiful older styles (lots of the new ones too!) and hundreds of pounds of savings.

mulberry bag discount sale mulberry bag discount sale mulberry bag discount sale mulberry bag discount sale

I hope you found this post all about Mulberry bag Discount & Mulberry Bag Sales handy! As always do let me know if you have any questions….you can even e-email me as some of you already have to chat all things Mulberry handbags. 

Let me know if you found this useful and also your Mulberry bag discount & sale and second-hand shopping stories! I have a fair few and have been mainly positive / I’ve been very lucky!

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