Barry M Candy Culture Nail Polishes : Pastel Perfect.

Perfect spring nail hues anyone? This is the ‘Candy Culture‘ collection from Barry M and not only are they perfect seasonal shades when we are transitioning from out muted browns and nudes into our bright, all-out summer neons : these pretty pastels are the perfect NOW shade.

I have been of a winter-hermit-fingernail-and-toenail-hibernator. I literally have not touched them in terms of mani’s / pedi’s or even painting them for so many months and they have been seriously neglected. I’m simply lazy with my nails until we come into Spring-Summer so I’ve been digging up some new shades and collections to try and this has been my favourite range so far : I think all the shades are really pretty and wearable.

You need just 2 coats to get a perfect opaque coating and the finish is soft matte which I really like ; if you prefer a higher sheen then simply pop on your preferred topcoat. They also have a scented, fruity finish, which is ideal if you are a serial nail-sniffer (?!).

My current go-to os the ‘Coconut Cream’ which is any easy-to-wear and goes-with-ANYTHING shade. The wear on these are pretty good for a £3.99 polish and as I always say : Barry M do the BEST high street nail polishes with their great price, range of colour and finishes.

What is your go-to-shade of the moment?