NEW REN Glow And Protect Serum : Superfruits to Brighten & Even the Skin.

REN glow and protect serum review

The newest launch from REN Skincare is the Glow And Protect Serum. I have been absolutely LOVING Ren skincare even more than normal lately (I’ve used the brand for a good 14-15 year no joke!) as some of their recent launches have really impressed me. Currently a fair bit of my most-used skincare is REN and I just find their range easy to navigate (the colour-coding helps!) and so much of it really works for me.

So the new Glow and Protect Serum : It sits in the ‘orange’ RADIANCE category (alongside *that* infamous brightening tonic) so it gives instant hints as to what this is going to do : Brighten, glow, even skin tone and protect. This is the vitamin C serum we have been waiting for!

REN SAYS: ‘A lightweight superfruit serum clinically proven to significantly brighten and even skin in just 14 days, with protective antioxidants to help protect skin from damage caused by free radicals.’

REN glow and protect serum review


The REN Glow and Protect serum is clinically proven to visibly reduce the signs of photoaging : such as fine lines and wrinkles, dullness and pigmentation without the irritation. This active super serum combines three types of Vitamin C with moisture-boosting Glycogen and Hyaluronic Acid, for the ultimate radiant glow.

Key Ingredients:

3 types of Vitamin C to brighten, even skin tone, reduce pigmentation

Hyaluronic acid to hydrate, smooth and plump the skin.

Kakadu Plum which contains 100x more Vitamin C than oranges, thus helping brighten and even skin tone,

Dragon Fruit : packed with prebiotics & essential minerals which help protect and strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier,

Pomegranate:  rich in Omega 5 which helps to soothe the skin

antioxidant-rich Polyphenols and Vitamin E both help to protect skin from damaged caused by environmental aggressors.


95% skin is smoother after 14 days*​
91% skin looks brighter after 14 days*​
91% agreed skin texture felt less rough after 14 days* ​
84% complexion has a natural glow after 14 days*​
88% complexion looks healthier after 14 days*​
96% skin feels more supple after 14 days*​
*Consumer study conducted on 85 men and women​

REN glow and protect serum review


AM and PM: Pump a small amount of Glow And Protect Serum between hands and press over freshly cleansed skin. Massage in circular upwards and outwards motions until fully absorbed.  If you are using this serum as part of your morning regime, wear an SPF after use. 

I like it as a daytime serum at the moment so I am just using it in the morning. 


I cannot give you my full review here as I am literally on day 3 of using it! I wanted to give you the information and the initial lowdown and I will update this post / write a new one in a month or so.

What I can talk about is the feel, texture and scent. It has a nice, lightweight feel and sinks into the skin rapidly and easily. It isn’t as light as say a hyaluronic serum which can be quite watery : this has a little more substance to it. It is colourless, and I could only smell a very light, fresh scent to it. Sometimes these brightening / Vit C serums can be injected with too much citrus scents which can be overpowering but this just has a fresh scent : nothing to really report. It has married well with the moisturisers I have used it with (REN Evercalm , Ole Henriksen Strength Trainer and Omorovicza Queen Cream) and it sits well under makeup with no piling.

£50 for 30ml. Mid-range price point. Mid-range for the REN serums too.

I think it’s a great serum from what I can tell so far, especially for those who are actively looking for brightening and evening out the skin tone. If you are dry or sensitive, I would say to veer towards the Ever-calm Redness Relief Serum and if you are wanting more retinol-like results (minimise fine lines, smooth texture of the skin) then the REN Bio-retinoid could be a good option. These are the 3 main serums from REN and I can use all 3 but for slightly different results. This has also given me a great blog post idea for the future : to comare these 3 serums as I have / and use them all!

REN glow and protect serum review

The REN Glow and Protect serum is available now from all your favourite beauty retailers, priced at £50. Let me know your thoughts! Have you been enjoying REN skincare as much as me at the moment?

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