Get Your Glow Back with Pixi Beauty

pixi beauty makeup review This post contains gifted items. I haven’t been paid to feature or review them and they are done so at my discretion. Further details can be found on my disclaimer.

I’ve felt a shell of my former self since the move / baby and too much time in hospital. I’m not doing as many ‘glam’ things at the moment and I lived off old mixed skincare sachets for about 2 months as I packed / unpacked during the big house move and my skin and body was feeling pretty sorry for itself after all of the above.

There may be times in our lives when we simply want to hit the *off switch* when it comes to beauty : it could be something that turns your time and schedule on it’s head (how I felt after having a baby!), maybe some time off work, travelling or you want to simply have a break from the routine. I am finding my feet again, getting used to a more routine schedule so I know I have pockets of time here and there, I’m incorporating some form of makeup and skincare routine back and I’m feeling a lot better about myself. A silly ‘rule’ I’ve made for myself since I have moved, is to do a little bit of ‘face’ every day when I wake up. It’s usually just brows and a touch of concealer, and 99% of the time if I am staying at home for the day, no one will see me except Tom, but I just want to do this for myself so I don’t become completely feral in my welly boots and dressing gown.

A brand that I have found myself reaching for more and more than ever… my beloved PIXI. One of the few beauty brands who I think do skincare just as good as their makeup and their products tend to be easy to use and fuss-free = PERFECT FOR RIGHT NOW.

Skincare-wise I am all over the Glow Tonic again. I used this years ago (remember when it was in that frosted plastic pump bottle?!). I have dabbled with lots of their newer tonics and in particular I really get on with the Rose Tonic but my skin is yearning for brightness and glow so back to the orange nectar it is for a few weeks. To prep my skin before makeup application I often will use a couple of drops of the PIXI Rose Oil (over whatever skincare I have put on) to re-hydrate and give a glossy, dewy base.

The PIXI facial mists are really good and they do a great selection to suit all skin concerns. To enliven tired-feeling and looking skin then a spritz of the Vitamin Wake-Up Mist never goes amiss and I use these both as a makeup prep and after makeup to refresh the skin. This is always in my kit!

pixi beauty makeup review pixi beauty makeup review pixi beauty makeup review pixi beauty makeup review pixi beauty makeup review

The PIXI Its EyeTime Eyeshadow Palette is an oldie but a goodie. This was a collab a couple of years ago with popular You Tuber ‘It’s Judy Time’ and the colours are super easy, neutral and a really good selection of mattes and shimmer. Probably my most-used PIXI palette ever! (full swatches can be seen on my post here)

Flushed cheeks give me life and I’m all about the cream colour at the moment that I can dab on in a flash and blend in without any fuss or brushes. PIXI do a few different formulas and I flit between their MultiStick and their Sheer Cheek Gels for some quick colour. Here I’m wearing the shade ‘Rosy’ in the Sheer Cheek Gels : looks terrifyingly bright in the tube, applies a lot more translucent and muted.

To get the skin glowing a là ‘I’m really well-rested and hydrated and had my 12 hours sleep’ I LOVE their highlighters and the Glow-y Gossamer Duos are insanely pigmented, very dewy and give me all the brightness I need when my skin is feeling lacklustre. Mine has broken in transit when I moved but I am still clinging on for dear life as the combination of the rose gold / cool pink is perfect on my paler skin tone at the moment.

I have raved about the PIXI MatteLast Liquid Lipsticks for a while and I love all the brighter colours they have recently launched into this once very nude range. These small, unassuming bullets contain within a lovely formula of long wear lip colour and an easy doe-foot applicator that give an easy one-swipe application. This shade I am wearing is the Orange Red which is a perfect vivid coral for brighter days. Feeling shitty? Whack on a bright lippie. It solves all (most) problems.

What are your go-to glow products when you are feeling in need of a boost for both skincare and makeup? Have you used any of these products?
I’ve just received some lovely new eyeshadow palettes from PIXI so let me know if you want to see their new palettes swatched and maybe some makeup looks?


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