Speedy Tanning | Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Mousse.

Cocoa Brown fake tan has made quite a big impact in the beauty world since they launched their range in 2012. It hails from Ireland, and founder Marissa wanted to create a wardrobe of tans appealing to the hardcore tanners ,first-timers ,pale-skinned & even the fake-tan haters. Fast forward a few years later and this range has won countless awards, had rave reviews all over the press and is now available worldwide. I (obviously) wanted to see what the fuss was about  so started off with their signature product, the Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan.

The end result/colour of this mousse tan entirely depends on how long you leave it on the skin, from 1 hour for a very natural hue, 2 hours for a medium glow and then 3 hours + for a deep tan. I have the newer ‘dark’ version for girls who like a really deep tan and the same timings apply, it just goes darker quicker – yay! The mousse has instant colour which is good as it gives you an instant guide to where you are applying and how much you have applied. I also like it as I can apply it on, go out to the shops etc without looking crazy orange and then come home and rinse it off. I have left this on overnight and it gives a similar result to leaving it on for 3 hours. It contains accelerator ingredients which is how it develops so quickly.

The colour is brown, never orange. I know ALL fake tan brands say this but this is *actually* true as it has olive undertones. Another key benefit is that this tan, although only takes a few hours to develop, will last you a good 5 days + before you need to re-apply/top up. The scent is Tahitian Gardenia so it is pleasant, although I would be lying if I said there was zero fake tan smell, there is a bit…..but we can deal. If you are in a hurry then this is also a really speedy tan, as it is a mousse-formula rather than lotion is dries pretty much instantly, I would say you could get fully dressed in under 5 minutes and it shouldn’t get over your bedsheets…although I would never recommend getting into bed with ANY fake tan on if you don’t want any mess. The formula to this fake tan has hydrating properties also so can be used on the face as well as the body, it is also paraben-free.

It must be applied with a mitt ; it will save you like 70% of the time to apply and also you don’t get any mess and most importantly, no streaks on the skin ; so a nice, even tan. The cocoa brown mitt has a few key benefits which make it better than others; it is double-sided, it will never seep through or break up like others I have used have (has really thick material) , it is machine-washable, is foolproof to use…..and it’s pink!

Not only is this a fantastic tan, easy to use, does what it says etc, but the price is unbeatable for the quality of product ;  just £7.99. I have used many mousse tans (cough St Tropez) that cost 3x this amount and  perform on par or below this fake tan. They do a great range of tans that will appeal to everyone including the Gentle Bronze that is ideal for anti-fake tanners, pale skinned girls and people who are terrified of fake tanning in general. This is currently available online at various sites including Feel Unique, in Tesco, Superdrug, Primark & Lloyds Pharmacy.

Have you tried Cocoa Brown tan yet? What is your favourite high street tan you have tried?