My Beauty Storage Part 1 : My Personal Makeup & Inside my Makeup Room

It’s been a long time coming! My Beauty Storage Series kicks off with a quick look into my makeup room & my personal makeup.

I’m lucky enough to have a spare room @ home which is my makeup room for my professional kit storage, my dressing table where I do my makeup & hair, my general beauty storage and where I take my blog photo’s and film. It’s not as pretty as I would like with white washed floors and immaculate decor : it’s more practical and useful for my needs!

This Part 1 is mainly my personal makeup & dressing table but also includes a bit of my professional kit storage and overspill from that.

I have decided to do it as a You Tube as it’s simply easier to talk through things and explain so you can check this out by clicking the below video (when you have 30 minutes of your time!) Please subscribe and like.