Trilogy Skincare : Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+

HELLO EVERYONE!! I’m back from my glorious honeymoon, I know some of you kept up with my wanderlust travels on Instagram, and I will report back more on what I got up to ASAP (I have a really busy next couple of weeks..) so first up I wanted to get back into the beauty blogging stuffs…

I had a load of reviews I was meant to schedule for when I was away and me being me, yep you guessed it, I forgot to do that before I left for the airport. So we start here, with the gorgeous Trilogy Rosehip oil Antioxidant+ , that not only is a product I used before I went away, but its also something I am turning to for my post-holiday, slightly overworked and over-sunned skin!

What is it?

This is a concentrated & powerful ORGANIC facial oil that promised to hydrate, nourish & protect your skin with antioxidants. It is to be used like a typical facial oil, so after you have cleansed and straight onto the face before your normal moisturiser and instead of a serum. You can use this AM & PM although I usually just will use it in the PM when my skin needs a really good burst of nourishment and hydration. If I am very parched, like I am currently after too much travel and sun, then I will also slather it on in the AM.

What’s IN it?

Rosehip seed oil, cranberry seed oil, Nourishing essential fatty acids, super antioxidants, lycopene. These ingredients, in combination have been clinically proven to brighten, improve skintone, fine lines/wrinkles, firmness and elasticity.

What does it do to MY skin?

This is a really beautiful oil and I love the texture as it sinks into my combination/oily skin really well without the residue or ‘feeling’ of being greasy which some face oils can do. It feels like it is absorbing in and actually doing something. It soothes and plumps my skin and gives me that instant sense of it feeling hydrated and ‘treated’. I also like the fact it works really well with my current face creams (Tata Harper Reparative, Antipodes Vanilla Pod, Sunday Riley Adrenaline, Melvita UHT soothing cream) which are a varied bunch so it’s safe to say you could combine this face oil with probably any brand.

Do you need it?

If you are looking for a new face oil, want to delve into a brand that is above the ‘high street’ norm but won’t bankrupt you then this is worth a look-in. Oily and combination-skin peeps, fear not! Your skin loves a touch of oil and Rosehip is absolutely fantastic for breakouts too. I think this could pretty much work for ALL skintypes as you can really tailor it into your skincare to make it work for your skin. Skincare doesn’t have to be regimented, I chop and change between about 4 serums, 3 face oils, 4 face creams and about 26 masks depending on what my skin is needing ; some days I will only use face oil, some days just two serums….ooooooo what a rebel.


Not really, no. In fact for a facial oil, in what I would say, a ‘premium’ skincare range, it’s actually a lot cheaper than I expected. It costs £26.50 for a 30ml bottle which is the standard size. A really reasonable price and a slight step up from your typical high street brands but I can guarantee that this is loaded with ingredients that are more concentrated and high-grade.

Have you tried any Trilogy skincare yet? What is your favourite face oil?