Vichy Skincare [ Idealia Life Serum ]

Vichy skincare is something that has always been on my radar but I haven’t extensively used it. I think, however it is safe to trust a skincare range that has been around for over 80 YEARS! Vichy is a skincare brand that caters for all skin types, including the super sensitive. It is all based around a vital ingredient that is Thermal Spa Water from a spring in Vichy, France. A few skincare brands use mineral-enriched waters, off the top of my head…..Shu Uemura skincare,  Avene, Armani skincare, NARS, ClaySpray..and the benefits of using mineral waters are great. The Vichy thermal spa water contains 15 beneficial minerals and it is the basis of every single skincare product.

Vichy Thermal Water

The unique water comes from the Lucas spring in Vichy, France and was used thousand of years ago by the Romans, and has continued to be used throughout history by all those babes who recognised it had amazing regenerating properties to the skin.

Mineral Benefits to the skin

– Soothing/ Anti-inflammatory

– Fortifying

– Regenerating

– Calcium protects skin tissue

– Iron helps cells oxygenation

– Potassium aids hydration

– Silicon regenerates skin tissue

– Magnesium boosts cell regeneration

– Manganese is a great antioxidant

Idealia Life Serum

This is a new serum from Vichy and has a bold claim of having the abilty to make a difference in just 8 days. It has my attention and I want IN on this ideal life. This has been created to give skin a ‘second chance’ within this world of pollutants, stress and overload. It promises to freshen the complexion, even the skintone, refine pores and give a rested look to the skin. This basically is WHAT I NEED RIGHT NOW. It has 27-patents and contains loads of complicated-sounding ingredients which I won’t bore you with but it is good to also note this is paraben-free and good for sensitive skin. I would say anyone who is feeling their skin is feeling damaged, indifferent, lacklustre and stressed…then this could be for you!

It feels really beautiful and silky on the skin (contains some silicone) and it imparts a lovely instant radiance on the skin with it’s soft golden and rose pearl colour.  It also smells really good with a soft fragrance of green tea, white flowers and musk.

I have only just started using this this week, so cannot start raving and saying this is a miracle serum until I have tried it for at least a few weeks. So I will report back. It feel very hydrating on my skin so I am just using it underneath my day cream. I fear that using it day and night will be a little too much for my combination skin. It sits very well under makeup as it contains smoothing agents, so will act to prime and ‘fill’ the skin as well as giving it that instant lift and radiance.

This serum is currently exclusive to Boots, and will then launch nationwide from September. It costs £29.50 for 30ml but I’ve just looked at the website and it’s only £19.66 at the moment. Check it here. It sits within the ‘Idealia’ range which also hosts a face cream, a pigmentation treatment and a BB cream which I really want to try as well.

Have you tried Vichy skincare? Should I be trying something which is particularly good from the range?