The BEST products from Organic & Natural Skincare Brands.

Lets’s get this out of the way: I kinda hate the term ‘natural’ skincare as it’s not actually a certified term, it’s just an umbrella that most skincare brands seem to throw themselves under as there are nor rules or guidelines as what deems a product ‘natural’. A lot of brands will say they are ‘natural’ simply if they don’t contain parabens which is just laughable.

When I am referring to ‘natural products’, specifically here, I am talking about a huge % of the ingredients are from natural and/or organic origin, they just aren’t carrying an Eco Cert (organic certification) which in itself is another story. Some of these products would hold an Eco Cert IF they went through the process, but a lot of smaller and perhaps newer brands would have not gone through this process, as it also costs a lot of money. I am an absolute skincare junkie, and have tried so many different products and brands over the year and more recently I am a lot more aware of what ingredients I am putting on my face. I don’t just read the blurb: I look at the ingredients, composition, packaging and even the brand ethics and beliefs. I think it’s important when investing in skincare hat you take into account as much of the above as you can.

So here is a pick of some of THE BEST natural skincare products I own.

First up my go-to face creams : Dr Jackson 02 Skin Cream. Don’t be fooled by the slightly masculine apothecary-style bottle. This gorgeous face cream is packed full of replenishing and hard-working ingredients that I always reach for when my skin is feeling parched, dehydrated and a little sorry for itself. The 02 is actually their recommend night cream but I use it day and/or night. It has a lively fragrant and aromatic (natural) scent that is really relaxing and therapeutic. It contains fatty acid-rich baobab, frankincense tree resin, mango seed oil, marula oil, coconut oil & cranberry seed oil so it IS very rich in hydrating properties BUT it does not have a greasy feel which is why I really like it ; it almost has a semi-matte finish which is actually why I love it in the daytime under makeup.

A slightly less pricey face cream option and an absolute cult classic is the Weleda Skin Food. I have so much love for this product and I have used it for at least 15 years! It’s an essential for me and I am literally never without a tube of it in my kit – it’s a fabulous moistursier and it leaves the skin glossy which is why I love it on set :  also great dabbed over makeup to give glossy skin. The Weleda Skin Food can be used on both the face and body to combat dryness. It kind of the opposite to the aformerntioned Dr Jackson cream as this is also oil-heavy in the ingredients but it does leave you skin glowy and dewy.

Serum-wise I am all about the Tata Harper Elixir Vitae serum. Possibly one of my most luxury face serums I own as it does need a re-mortgage to purchase but it’s a brand I truly believe in :  their ethos, their ingredients…their ethics, the person….everything. They grow all the ingredients that go into the skincare in their farm in Vermont, where it is also manufactured.. It’s a wholly responsible brand and every little step is thought about carefully in the process to produce this very special skincare. This super-charged serum is the ultimate plumping, hydrating, anti-inflammatory, radiance-boosting & firming treatment. Targeted towards volume and firming : this is one for the mid 30’s plus. < Hi hun.

One of the newest products into my skincare arsenal is the De Mamiel Dewy Facial Mist. I am absolutely loving everything I am trying from this British-born natural skincare range and it reminds me a lot of Tata Harper in how it is made and their ethics etc. It is expensive, but I believe in the backstory and for me, it absolutely justifies it. All the ingredients are natural and/or organic and the thick violet glass jars which the products are housed in, are a protective and preserving mechanism to keep the creams active and potent. Onto the actual Dewy Mist : this is the most potent facial mist I have ever used, so much so, that this can be used and layered like a serum! It contains hyaluronic acid, powerful antioxidants, plant peptides, pre-biotics & a cocktail of potent herbal extracts.  It is a waste to use this over makeup so I am always using it within my skincare routine, either straight under my moisturiser or serum to boost my regime.

Last up is probably the product that has been featured on my blog the most, a true skincare staple : The Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask. Possibly my favourite organic skincare brand as they do such a huge range of products for all skin concerns and types, and the prices are super affordable. This multi-mask hydrates, deep cleanses, plumps and cleans your oven. I use it around once a week

Talk to me about natural and organic skincare : what are your favourite brands or products?