Review | Make Up For Ever Face & Body Foundation.

I picked up the Make Up For Ever Face & Body foundation last year whilst shopping in beauty-addict-heaven, Sephora. I actually had never heard about it or read about it, I was just playing about with *ALL* the makeup and I just liked the sound of it and the feel of it when I tried it on the back of my hand. This is one of those slightly under-rated foundations in my opinion, that isn’t all over the blogs and magazines as it has been over-shadowed for a long time by it’s older sister, the MUFE HD foundation that we all know and love.

This has a really lightweight, almost watery texture to it, more fluid than the MAC Face & Body. It has a nice amount of slip to it when you apply it to the skin, and although it’s really sheer in feel, when blended it almost thickens beneath your fingertips to give a semi-matte, yet glowy, medium coverage (this is very similar to the MAC FAB if you are yet to try that). It is an 80% (!) water-based foundation that also has a touch of silicone and & plant oils for giving a lovely finish on the skin. It is a longwear & water-resistant foundation, hence why it is suitable for both the face & body.

I apply this with either fingertips or a brush, mostly fingertips as this is a foundation I will reach for when I want a natural finish on my skin, so won’t use that much product. The coverage is light and build able to medium the more you apply, it won’t give you a full or heavy coverage though so if you are looking for a replacement for your doublewear then keep a’ movin’. I have light blemishes, and the odd acne scar/ redness on my skin and knocks most of it away, although for angry & hormonal spots, I still need dots and dabs of a concealer in those places to give me a good finish. This is a foundation that won’t look thick or heavy on the skin and always will give me a second-skin finish, and a decent step up from a tinted moisturiser. I love the glow it gives my skin!

The packaging is a glass bottle with a pump, and is a generous 50ml size which is a great size for £27 (most foundations will be 20-30ml). Don’t be fooled by the colour it looks through the bottle, get a proper colour match and try the product because I bought this in my ridic Sephora haul when I was in the U.S and the first 3 colours I picked up by the look in the bottle were way dark for me.

I think this foundation is suitable for all skin types, except oily, unless you are prepared to blot quite a bit during the day. I am combo and it gives me great radiance, but I need to touch it up a couple of times a day to keep it looking perfect. Obviously this is designed for the body also, hence why it’s not a normal, thick & creamy foundation formula….the fluid-like texture makes it easy to apply all over the body without wasting the entire bottle in one sitting! If you are wearing it on the body (to mask imperfections / even out the tone on the leg / give a boost of colour / reduce the corn-beef leg effect etc etc), then I find it great to mix a few pumps in with a body lotion for that sheer, lovely coverage. It is water-resistant, hence why it’s great on the bod too, and a perfect holiday/summer companion.

The Make Up For Ever Face & Body foundation is available in Debenhams in the UK, and in Sephora (& online) in the US.