The BEST Ways to Buy A Second-Hand Mulberry Bag.

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Hello my friends. Today I’m going to be having a very quick chat about buying a second-hand Mulberry bag and where the best places are to snag one….and an authentic one! Second-hand shopping is becoming such a *thing* due to sustainability and waste…and of course we love a second-hand price, especially for these more expensive designer items such as handbags.

First up : Have a quick read of my post about Spotting a Real VS a Fake Mulberry bag : VERY useful for when you are buying any Mulberry bag second-hand. You want to know what bad boy is authentic and you aren’t being ripped off with a fake Mulberry bag ! Let’s be honest, there are A LOT of them about.

Ok so now you have read my tips on how to check if your Mulberry bag is real or fake, let’s get onto the topic at-hand : Buying a second-hand Mulberry handbag and WHERE to go looking for your dream handbag. I’m going to share with you 3 favourite places for second-hand Mulberry shopping.

mulberry bag preloved sale where is best place to buy secondhand mulberry handbag


I think you really know what you are getting when you buy a bag from Mulberry Preloved. Also : there is no chance that these second-hand Mulberry handbags are going to be fakes : they are authenticated and sold through Mulberry themselves. You get that full Mulberry shopping experience for a huge reduction! Yes please.

Every time I go onto Mulberry Preloved, I see so many incredible Mulberry handbags, from the newer collections to the really classic and older Mulberrry Handbags which I really love. Most of my Mulberry handbags are from pre-2012 as I really love these older styles. Although I’m VERY tempted by some of these new collections from Mulberry in the last couple of years :  how gorgeous are all the new colours of the Alexa?! It could be my treat this year. Anyway, I would honestly suggest going to the Preloved section and having a look on what’s offer, I look about once a week, and it’s constantly updated and re-freshed with new bags. Psssst I’ve just seen my over-sized Alexa on sale there (not mine, but the same!).



A great website to buy authentic luxury resale items. Vestiaire Collective has a great reputation and it’s 100% a safe place to buy and sell your luxury and designer items! They have a huge selection of second-hand Mulberry handbags and at great prices too. Vestiaire have a £15 control and authentication service they charge on top which, to be honest, is exactly what you want. You then have that protection and guarantee that you are getting a REAL Mulberry handbag and I think this is really important.  I’ve just had a quick look at what Mulberry bags are on Vestiaire at the moment and there are some really gorgeous ones including the classic Bayswater, some Lily’s, Darley’s and Alexa’s.


3.) EBAY

This is the highest risk but can bring the highest reward (aka you may be very lucky and get an authentic one for a really good price!). BUT : I would be definitely more wary when buying from Ebay. For me, I think of the worry, then the possibility of having to then send something back / get your money back etc if you aren’t happy….I’m not sure if I can be bothered with all of that. Some people are amazing Ebay bargain hunters and I think if this is you, and you have the experience of purchasing on Ebay and have the confidence, and you know what you are looking for….and you are happy to potentially wait for the right Mulberry to come up for sale : then Ebay can certainly be a good option to buy second-hand Mulberry handbags.

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So Those are my three top places to go and find and buy your second-hand Mulberry handbags! There are loads more places you can go to (and I’ll chat about more very soon) but I just wanted to give you a heads up and answer any questions you may have about buying a Mulberry bag second-hand. Please ask any questions below or you can always DM on Instagram (HERE).

I also wrote this post which you may find useful which is all about Mulberry bag sale shopping where you can get both new and second-hand mulberry handbags for a great price such as Outlets and the factory shop.

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Go Shopping at Mulberry Preloved! Tell me if you find anything!