IT CC Cream SUPERSIZE on QVC : Limited Edition.

*This post contains a press sample*

Don’t walk………walk super quickly.

If you are a fan of the IT CC+ Cream then you need to know about this latest QVC deal. The SUPERSIZE is now out for this month only and I know a lot of people who have been taking advantage of this already.

For the month of August (or until stocks last!), QVC are selling the supersize IT CC+ cream (the original / silver packaging) which is a double 75ml size and it costs just £10 more than the normal size.

The normal size is 32ml and costs £32. The supersize is 75ml and costs £42.96 and free postage!….Such a great deal and savings.

It’s exclusive at the moment to QVC UK and you can shop it RIGHT HERE. Please note it’s only the original formula in the silver tube that is available in the bigger size. Maybe they will do the others at some point but this is by-far the best-seller so it makes sense.

If you would like to read my full of the IT CC creams (they do 3), comparison of them and how they cover and look on then head right over to my post HERE to read up all about them. That’s the full lowdown and review.

I wouldn’t suggest you go supersize for your first ever IT CC cream purchase but if you already have it and have tried it and LOVE it, then it’s an absolute no-brainer! The tube is HUGE so if I’m travelling etc I will definitely be de-canting into a pot.