Festival & Party Makeup | Easy 5-Minute Glitter

Here is a fun makeup look to give you some ideas and inspiration for festivals, parties, holidays etc etc. This is a super easy and quick look to do, which is perfect if you have have little time, minimal product and haven’t got the time to keep touching up your makeup. This literally takes 5 minutes to do, yet looks high impact and fun.

 Had a few drinks before you turn UP somewhere? Going back to your tent in between bands to change/freshen up? Care-free when it comes to makeup but want to do something a little special? Want all the glitter but are too scared to get it right? This one if for you my friends.



The key things you need is some kind of glitter (2-3 types of different sizes is ideal) , glitter glue and some coloured eyeliner/face paint. Change up the colours to how you like it and mix up the glitter colours and tones for a more intricate look. I literally left my eyelids completely bare, just with a small feline flick/mascara and all the action is underneath my eye. Care-free & fuss-free, this is the kind of makeup you don’t have to plan, just have fun play about, glitter ALWAYS works.

 I used the Models Own Lip Gunk as a bit of a multi-purpose colour..undereath my eye to give a nice flash of purple & I also whizzed this through my brows to give a fun bit of brow colour. These are designed for the lips, but are quite a thick and pigmented consistency so are fine on the face and body although I would not recommend this in the waterline. For here I am using this longwear eyeliner from KIKO.


For applying the glitter, I just dabbed on the Ben Nye Glitter Glue directly onto my skin, where I wanted the glitter to sit and then dabbed the glitter on with a small brush. Do a small area at a time rather than paint glitter glue on an entire area as it dries rapidly. I applied two sizes of glitter and applied the smaller glitter (MAC Silver) first, and then applied the chunkier glitter pieces afterwards and just swept it up and out, until it looked *ok*. I had a little silver star lying around in my box of tricks so I also stuck this on with the glitter glue. 
JOB DONE, albeit slap dash.  

If you haven’t got access to proper glitter glue, and are desperate for some glitter on that face, then lash glue WILL suffice BUT do not put it on the eyelids, it goes really tacky and will irritate. It also dulls the glitter, which is why it’s not ideal but…..desperate times, it can be done as a temporary thing. We’ve all been there.

For the base, I have just kept it really light and fresh ; tinted moisturiser a swish of bronzer and concealer. If you have good skin, go without! Warm weather, sweaty tents & hours of dancing don’t bode well with doublewear and baked makeup.

*BE CAREFUL* when applyling any glitter around the eye area as if it goes into your eye, it will be really uncomfortable & can cause damage. Make sure you apply it with a proper glue/adhesive, particulary on the eyelid. Also, make sure you take it off properly with an oil-based remover followed with a micellar water. 

Key Products Used:

MAC Silver glitter, Glitter pieces (from Sally’s), Ben Nye Glitter Glue, Models Own Lip Gunk ‘Chaos’, KIKO longwear eyeliner, L’Oreal Superliner