Initial Thoughts : PIXI + Caroline Hirons Double Cleansing Balm.

Pixi caroline hirons double cleanse review

I nearly had a small wee when I first found out Caroline was collaborating with PIXI to bring out her first skincare product. I’m a relative newbie to the brand PIXI if I’m honest (I have like one eyeliner and obvs *that* glow tonic….coz of Caroline) so I think the excitement was more so that I have invested a lot of time into reading Caroline’s blog over the years, I trust her opinion, our DM’s are brutal, AND I have a huge appreciation and love of a darn good double-cleanse.  Say hello to the PIXI + Caroline Hirons Double cleanse.

Double cleansing.

What is double cleansing anyways? Ok so this term has become a LOT more recognised over the last few years (thanks Cazza) but it’s something that facialists have been doing….since forever. The thought of cleansing twice may seem long or tiresome but phase 1 (usually an oil-based balm) will remove all your makeup, SPF and general environmental grime and phase 2 (usually a lighter gel, cream or foam) will remove any elements of leftover residue and *those* bits of yuk that you can still seen your cleansing cloth after phase 1. If you want clean skin and in the long term, glorious skin, then good cleansing is paramount to your skincare regime.

I will only do a double cleanse in the PM, and opt for just a phase 2 in the AM (unless it’s been a REAL heavy night) and my personal regime would be an oil-based cleansing balm (Emma Hardie, Sunday riley, DHC cleansing oil pour example) to start, followed by a lighter *foamy* type cleanser to finish. I tend to opt for SLS (sodium laureth sulphate / chemical foaming agent)free , as this ingredient can be irritating on sensitive skin (I’m not but…), it’s cheap, it dries the skin AND it’s a detergent. Some of my favourite phase 2 cleansers for me include Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip, Antipodes Juliet & Una Brennan Neroli.

PIXI + Caroline Double Cleanse.

I’m almost surprised no one has done this before? Two different cleansers….within one tub. Phase 1 is a solid oil-based cleanser. Phase 2 is a gentle cleansing cream. A few niggles were in my mind as I saw this was about to launch and I oggled Carolines Instagram ; I don’t usually use a cleansing cream and HOW would it be packaged to ensure one didn’t mix into the other GOD FORBID. I didn’t even need a new cleanser. Maybe I should just wait to see the reviews? Within half an hour of it’s launch I had already purchased it and had one winging it’s way to me.

The packaging. Is GREAT. I love it. The hard plastic tub feels sturdy, not too heavy, and the simple design is a perfect reflection for what is held within : fuss-free, simple and clean. The colours also match my bathroom so thanks for thinking of me guys.

Inside, there is a hard plastic insert that slots on top of the cleansers to keep them separated when closed. Yes you DO have to fiddle a bit to slot it on the right way along the curved divide but it does the job perfectly and I’m no longer having heart palpitations about cream cleanser mixing into my oil balm and it becoming one entwined sloppy cleansing super-mess. PHEW.

PIXI Caroline Hirons CleanserCaroline Hirons Cleanser by PIXI Beautypixi caroline hirons double cleanse reviewPIXI Caroline Hirons cleanser Laura Louise BeautyCaroline Hirons Cleanser with PIXI Beauty

The Ingredients.

The thing I noticed straight away: the smell. There is none. They simply wanted a product that would suit MOST skin types and accessible for all. The mineral oil is removed, no parabens and there is no fragrance so it just has a very clean /minimal scent. I get it.

1.) The Solid Cleansing Oil. Key ingredients include Camellia Oil, Vitamin E, Evening Primrose Oil & Avocado Oil (yay to the hipsters….it has AVO). It’s simply a colourless (white) solid balm that melts into the skin with the warmth of your fingertips and becomes a more liquid, moveable oil. This massaged over your (dry btw) face literally obliterates makeup ;  I’m talking waterproof mascara, matte red lipstick and all the layers of foundation and hideous contour. After phase 1 / pre-cloth, I looked like a melted clown. Get a cleansing cloth (Emma Hardie are still my fave) with some warm water and remove all that grime off your face and you are ready for the next step.

2.) The Cleansing Cream. Key ingredients include Vitamin C, Peptide Complex, Arginine & Aloe Juice. This is a white cleansing cream and you simply massage this over your face as per step 1 and again remove with a warm cloth. Now I had never really used cleansing creams much as I am oily, so usually finish up my 2-step with a lighter cleanser. This cream, although feels very luxe and silky, has none of the typical ingredients that overload an oily skin such as shea butter, and I am getting on with it really well. I’m not sure what the ‘best’ way to use this, but I am pretty much drying my face after step 1 so the cream is going onto a dry skin, I just prefer it like that. Feels gorgey.

My Thoughts.

My skin feels absolutely sparkling after this double cleanse, as with any double cleanse, and possibly due to the 2nd step being a cream, I don’t get any of the dry, squeaky-clean feeling on my skin, it just feels comfortable and supple afterwards. The huge plus point for me is the ease of double cleansing from one pot ; it’s quick. I think if you are dabbling into your first oil-based/double cleansing and trying to ‘up’ your regime a bit, then this is a good place to start as it’s not *fancy* skincare.

It is a simple, and easy cleansing system that I would suggest is going to be suitable for pretty much ALL SKINTYPES. You get 50ml each side so 100ml in total. Considering you need to/should use BOTH once a day, I would say this may last you 2 months approx with daily use depending on how much makeup you wear etc. It costs £24. If like me, you already use cleansing balms, then this is a very, very good price for what it is. One of the most famous cleansing balms costs double this, and it’s full of cheap rubbish. Did I really just say that?

Foolproof and simple cleansing. A big thumbs up from me. I hope this is a sign of more Caroline-designed skincare. Last I heard this sold out pretty quickly but check here on the PIXI website as if so, it will be re-stocked very rapidly. I know they anticipated this to be one of PIXI’s biggest launches EVER.