New from Yves Saint Laurent : The Vinyl Couture Mascara.

YSL know how to do a good mascara so when I heard there was not one but NINE new shades coming out of the new Vinyl Couture Mascara I was a little bit excited.

 It’s a completely new and innovative mascara formula which I’m pretty sure has never been done before, hence why it has taken a whole 4 years in their makeup labs & over 400 lab tests to perfect. I think YSL has always been quite well known for their coloured mascaras (I used to LIVE for their purple & blue mascaras in the 90’s!) , but these new shades are more versatile, wearable & sophisticated and I love that their is so much choice.

This is a breakthrough formula that has a unique translucent gel base infused with the highest concentration of laquer pigments that is available in ANY mascara. What does this mean?.. Super pigmented like-never-before colours and a beautiful deep glossy finish. It is also infused with 4 biometric oils including argan oil and castor oil for lash care & nourishment.

The wand is what I think a typical ‘YSL’ one which is of a medium size, natural bristles and is quite a densely bristled which I always find really easy to coat the lashes and get volume quickly. I actually really love this mascara and from the couple of times I have used it, it has given me a wonderful false lash effect and the formula just feels a lot better than what I have used from YSL. I am a big fan of their Volume False Cils which is also a great mascara BUT the formula always seems to dry out way to quickly for my liking which doesn’t justify the price tag. The new Vinyl Couture formula seems ‘wetter’ and I have high hopes that it won’t be drying out anytime soon but I will keep you posted.

The mascara packaging is unique and interesting as it comes in a see-through tube, almost like a lipgloss ; Good so you can see when you are running low but also it looks pretty so you can see all the lovely shades. I have the black one, but I also tried and swatched all of the shades and topcoats (they do a glitter silver and gold – love!) at the launch last week and the colours are honestly UNREAL. They have just created the colours in a really interesting way so the colours aren’t flat at all, and are so much more lively than other coloured mascaras – I am obsessed with the green one and there is a deep plum/burgundy which I will be buying immediately.

The Yves Saint Laurent Vinyl Couture mascara is still currently exclusive to Debenhams where you can pick it up in-store or online for £25. I believe from the beginning of June it will then roll out into all YSL counters and stores.