Hello 2015. New Beginnings & Bigger Dreams.

I have just awoken from my hazy hangover and dreamy-like state of a 2-week Christmas break. Gone are the days where you don’t actually know what day it is between Christmas and New Year (they all merge into one), and the merriment of eating and drinking what the HELL you like without feeling bad. We are back to it…the grind, the routine, the reality, so let’s just suck it in and make it a good’un.

 I am usually against the cliche *new year resolution* and *positive vibes* posts, every blog I have read has pretty much done this kind of post…..but they actually are nice to read and have already given me some ideas and thoughts going ahead so I  will share with you what I am hoping to achieve or at least try to do in the year of 2015.

Basically, that was a really elaborate way of saying : These are my 2015 Resolutions.


This was inspired by reading Zoe’s blog earlier. I have always been a bit mehhhh travel, why travel? I was happy with my once-a-year beach holiday and that was that. My mum was a, what can only be described, as a SUPER-MEGA travelling queen. I have been through all of her pictures over the last month and re-lived all of the wonderful adventures and things she had done with her life ; She has sailed across the Atlantic, swam with dolphins, skydived, bungee-jumped out of a friggin HELICOPTER, paraglided, been canyoning, white water rafting, heli-skiing,…amongst any other amazing active thing you can think of. As I looked through all the amazing pictures it triggered a bit of a wanderlust in me and a yearn to see more and do more in the world. I feel like the all-inclusive holidays need to be a thing of the past and exploring and adventure are a thing of my future.

 Eat Less Meat.

I was bought up a vegetarian as my mum was a slightly-crazed animal rights person and part of this is intrinsic in me. I started to eat chicken and fish and then into meat as I got older. The amount I currently eat is really unnecessary and as a society we kind of all do. I am going to aim to have a more vegetarian-based diet for at least 4-5
days a week. For health reasons as well as others. Currently I don’t think I want to give up meat completely but this is something I may gradually do. When I do eat meat, I am really going to try to only eat organic, high welfare produce, which is what I tend to buy anyway. Also, it’s a lot cheaper to eat vegetarian 🙂

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Increase your vocabulary, knowledge & keep learning. Whether it’s fact or fiction, reading is a great pastime, and helps inspire and explore your imagination. I tend to read fiction, occasionly biographies , but I just love the kind of second world it allows you to immerse in, and that step out of reality. I literally ONLY read on holidays where I tend to get through maybe 3 novels, and then I don’t bother at home ever. Am going to collate a list of books and start building up a collection. This was inspired by (cringe, sorry) Mark Zuckerberg who created a 2015 reading challenge of one book a fortnight. That for me, may not be possible, but I am going to go for one a month at least.

Please, PLEASE let me know any suggestions of any great books, must-reads. I am quite a newbie and tend to only pick up a few before holidays in WHSmith at the airport, so I need some good recs whether it be fact, fiction, self-help etc.

Spread the Blog love.

I am terrible at reading blogs. There I said it. I really am. I will stick to maybe a handful of bloggers who I know and that’s it. I really need to spread the love a bit, and going from the above…..read more blogs also. I’m also a bit lazy at leaving comments so will endeavour to do this more ; Why? Because I LOVE getting and reading comments from readers so why shouldn’t I do the same. It’s also a good way of interacting, meeting more similar-minded people and learning more beauty stuff.

Please leave your links. It starts NOW!

Buy a House. Fill it with cats.

The. Scariest. Thing. Ever. 

I think it will be later on this year, but now I am a married lady an’ all…me and husband are looking to buy our own place this year. London is super expensive and because we want a bit of space (I need major storage!) and a garden…possibly a field, we will probably end up moving a little further out. I love the country and after spending time out in the glorious Cotswolds over New Year, both me and man like the thought of getting out into the green a bit more as long as it’s commutable and/or drivable to central London. The stress of buying a house is not something I look forward to but the result of having somewhere you can call ‘home’ and decorating and personalising it is something I can’t wait to do. Then I will start my mini-army of cats and dogs.

Fitness Routine.

Last year saw my weight go a bit uppey and downey. I got really into my gym routine before my wedding (natch) but then afterwards, the drinking and over-indulgence, and then Christmas has made me put weight back on and I’m not interested in the gym at all! Once I get back into it and work it around my work schedule, I am aiming to go at least 4 times a week. I will also try to squeeze in a run as It’s so good to just be outdoors and feel a bit of fresh air on your face. As I get older, I am more conscience of my health and body and I want to be the best I can be and feel confident and happy.

Screen-free days.

This is hard. But necessary I feel. Just one day a week where I am not hooked up to my laptop / ipad / phone scouring social media and conjuring up funny things to say or worrying about something I have seen (anyone else suffer that jealous angst when they see something or read something that just ruins your day?! – YEAH THAT). I am going to slowly start stepping away, or at least give myself 1 day ‘off’ social media a week. Maybe I can fill that time with reading my pile of books!

Job confidence.

As I took quite a bit of time off last year, I kind of stepped out of my work (I’m a makeup artist if you don’t  know) for some months. As with anything, once you step out, you can start questioning your ability, worrying if you can still *do it*, and also it’s the panic as you start to lose clients and photographers that you once frequently worked with : they start using other people if you are not around. It’s quite daunting to pick up my brushes and start all over again, but I just have to do it and move forward. I know I am talented and I was doing so well before I had to stop working, so onwards and upwards and I really hope to get signed to an agency this year.

Stop frivolous spending.

Money and me have a very love/hate relationship. I am the WORST person in the world for being savvy and am really impulsive with my spending. I have a habit of using shopping as a means of making myself feel happy if I’m feeling down and then days later I have the angst /guilt of why the f*ck did I just go and buy those £££ Dior shoes I didn’t even want (true story). If you follow my Instagram or have seen my ‘hauls’ on here, some of them are horrific and actually 70% unnecessary. This year, I am going to stop the stupid spending and try and become more frugul with my cash. It’s not just beauty and clothes, even food shopping I spend stupid unnecessary amounts and a lot of it goes to waste. My name is Laura and I am a shopping addict.

 WHOAAA there!…So quite an impressive list of things I now have to endeavour to stick to or build into my life. Did you make any resolutions for 2015? Is it even something people bother about? I don’t want to change myself as such, just improve myself to be a better version or the best version possible…so cheesy, I need to leave.