Goodbye 2014.

I’m currently flying/travelling all over the place for holidays but just wanted to do a quick hello/ personal post rather than a beauty one for my final post of this year.

 It’s been a strange year for me, which has unfortunately been probably…actually definitely the worst of my life, which is a very weird thing to say as I got married just a few months ago, but other events previous to that have shattered my world and it’s just something that will take a while to adjust to, and I am still adjusting. (this will explain more) I have decisions and things in front of me that no 33yr old should have to do, yet unfortunately this is life and this is what can happen.

There is ALWAYS, always people way worse off than you. Just switch on the news and that always can sober one up to the reality. I became an orphan at the age of 33, some people will grow up without even knowing or seeing their parents. It just makes me want to slap myself!

I know it will take time, and I am going to be ok, so with that I look forward to seeing this year away and it feels like when 2015 starts I can really start my life again and pick it up from where I kind of left it…..which actually was 2013. There is lots to look forward to next year, getting my work back on track (I haven’t been working *properly* since July) , I already have some exciting shoots and projects I am working on in Jan/Feb, and am lightly (very lightly) considering even starting You Tube…bleurgh that makes me a bit sick but I will have to think on this…Caroline Hirons suggested it and she is never wrong….is she?! Maybe. I will be going on my mega honeymoon in April/May where I am going to the U.S for a month to do an all-seeing and doing trip and I really can’t wait! Just enjoying married life will be nice , as I kind of haven’t really had time to ingest that, but luckily I have a understanding husband.

On the blogging front, I guess I have seen this small lil’ blog grow and flourish a bit , which has been lovely, and I have learnt not to fret too much about the whole crazy beauty blogging world ; not getting THAT invite, other people getting sent products when you aren’t, the anxiety of having to speak to people you don’t know…the list really does go on. I just have a don’t give a f*ck attitude which I have adopted and it just makes me more relaxed and I hope that reflects well on the blog. Last year when my ‘To blog box’ was brimming full of products, I felt so stressed, so under pressure to review and perform for PR’s because they had sent it to me, that I would get a review out too quickly, which wasn’t as good as it should be….and that has now stopped. If I can’t try a product out properly and get a really good feel for it, I just am not putting it on here anymore. I love my small circle of blogging pals, and have neglected them a little this year, but I’m sure they all understand and know that social things/events kind of went to shit this year, so I will endeavour to be a more sociable person next year. Sometimes it’s hard to pick yourself up and just get out of that door! I met Zoe this year when she moved to London, and she has been a real shining star for me, such a beautiful person, blogger and ditzy friend.

As I am not a full-time blogger, and don’t think I ever could be, I cannot guarantee a daily post which some people, I’ve heard say makes your blog ‘proper and professional’ ; FUCK NO, I do not live @ home with my mum or dad, I live in London and have a huge rent to pay bitches, I have to work full-time! So, apologies, sometimes my blog will get updated a few times a week, sometimes maybe once a week, it depends on how busy my world is….and you know what, sometimes LIFE gets in the way of that. That’s fine with me.

Thank you to all of you who occasionally read my blog, regularly read my blog, and all the in between, I am so happy when people say they read it and enjoy it, it makes me flutter it really does!

 Here’s to looking forward, moving on, reflection, lessons learnt, growing up, picking yourself up, Calvin Harris following me on Twitter and having a FUCKING AWESOME 2015. See you on the other side.