Battle of the Boxes | October Birchbox.

For the month of October, subscribers can choose the Birchbox they receive between two carefully selected boxes, both containing 5 deluxe samples. One is the STYLIST Birchbox, which has been created by Stylist’s very own associate editor, Joanne McGarry, who is not only a huge profile in the beauty industry but she knows her products….well. The other box, in the slightly less jazzy navy blue box, is the BACK TO BASICS Birchbox which is as the name suggests, key and simple essentials for anyone’s beauty routine. I also love in this particular box that there is some top tips from Makeup supremo Mary Greenwell with the accompanying booklet.

I think part of the beauty of receiving my monthly Birchbox is the excitement of the unknown and not knowing what brands or products will be within your box. Obviously that key element is taken away this month as you pre-choose the one you want therefore you will know what you are getting. It’s quite nice as a change but for the majority of the year I prefer not to know what’s coming! I like my mini-birthday present every month. Below is a little overview of what is in each box…I thought there would be a clear winner but actually was a bit indecisive. In all honestly I was expecting the Stylist Box to be a little more interesting than it is and the Back to Basics to be a lot more boring than it is….and actually out of the two, I think I prefer this one.

S T Y L I S T  B O X

This actually has 5/6 products that I had never used and 4/6 I had never even heard of which could be the first for any of my Birchboxes.  That’s what I like about getting beauty boxes, is the whole brand discovery so this has a massive tick in that box.

It has a 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze which initially reminded me of one of those roll-on fruity lipglosses you used to get when you were young (the packaging). It is full-size and is actually a very pretty tinted lipbalm containing natural avocado and cocoa butters to nourish the lips with a sheer pop of colour. Perfect for the winter. You can’t go wrong with a weeny travel size bottle of Bioderma, which was the one product out of the box I have used and loved for maybe 10years now! The original and most delicate of micellar cleansing waters. There is a generous size of a Smoothing Blowout Spray from PARLOR by Jeff Chastain. This is a range I’ve never heard of so will be intrigued to see if these tames my frizzy, over-bleached locks.  Rituals is a range I have heard about and have seen quite a few of the shops around but have never tried anything from this brand. There is a generous sized bottle of the Yogi Foaming shower gel (rose-scented) which from the sounds of the description is one of those shower gels that turn into a foam….ok the way I’ve just described it makes it sound like ANY shower gel, but I mean like a shaving foam that expands into a soft, silky foam ; I think Imperial leather used to do something like this in the 90’s?! A great-looking product for travel is the ‘When’ Travelmate sheet mask which is a pre-soaked giant pad to give you a burst of hydration when you need it. Will keep hold of this for a weekend away or such. There is also a small perfume sample of ‘English Laundry’ No.7 Signature For Her…I’m not really bothered by fragrance samples if I’m honest so this will probably go in my fragrance sample drawer, never to be seen again.

B A C K  T O  B A S I C S  B O X

This was the box that looked a little dull by the packaging but I was pleasantly suprised by the contents. There was a couple of brands in this box that were unknown to me, but the rest I did know although hadn’t actively used which was why I was a little more excited by this box.

First up is a full-sized Eyeko fat liquid liner in black. I love the Eyeko brow gel and have seen lots of love for the liquid eyeliners so will be interested to try this out. From the first look, I’m not overly keen on the oversized nib, I prefer a smaller one, but either way, I need a new liquid liner so will give this my best shot! There is also a full-sized Seche Vite top coat which is super generous, and I can’t remember either way if I have tried this or I haven’t but I have definately heard great things so am really happy to add this to my collection. As in the Stylist box, there is a mini bottle of Bioderma, but this one is the Hydrabio range which actually I don’t think I have actually tried as I’m fiercely loyal to my Sensibio. Will come in handy for a weekend away for sure.  For brighter smiles, there is a Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste which is something I think I may use at some point but I just don’t personally get that excited by this type of thing as I use the whitening trays anyway. From Beaver (!!) Professional haircare there is a nice 40ml tube of hydrating shampoo to try and a small sachet of moisturising conditioner. A brand that I have never used or heard of before and haircare is actually something that I love to try and get samples of to try out.

Which box do you prefer? For Subscription details and more info go to the Birchbox website.