Jurlique | Skin Balancing Face Oil.

Who doesn’t love a face oil in the winter?! Well, in fact, I love one all year round, it’s something I’ve been accustomed to using, as long as I get the right type and blend for my combination skin.

I’m also really starting to feel the cold weather sting on my skin at the moment : I’m quite dehydrated and my lips are so dry and cracked already. Usually in the summer (when skin produces more oil) I will just use a face oil a few times a week in the PM…currently I am using it daily…AM & PM. A new-found favourite which my skin is loving is the Jurlique skin balancing face oil*.

It is a lightweight blend of  plant oils so it is really good for balancing and purifying at the same time as nourishing and battling dehydration. It contains an aromatic blend of chamomile, calendula, rosehip, marshmallow, advacado and macadamia oil. I had a facial a few months ago and the therapist recommended rosehip oil for my congested skin..I then started to do a bit of research and it turns out that this oil is a bit of a wonder ingredient so look out for it in your face oils! It is full of great omega fatty acids, vitamin C and antioxidants. It is often used with problematic and acne skins because it hydrates without the heavy residue.

The Jurlique skin balancing face oil smells absolutely gorgeous, it’s herby, floral and aromatic and just smells of goodness! The texture is wonderful and light and it leaves a really nice radiant glow on my skin. Absolutely fine in the day underneath makeup. It comes in a glass bottle which helps keep the natural ingredients preserved. There is a controlled applicator thing at the top of the bottle so there is no struggle with wasting the oil, it literally comes out in drops.

Jurlique recommend to apply this with a cotton pad over the cleansed skin but I am using a couple of drops straight into my day cream and then just *neat* all over my skin in the PM after cleansing and before bed.  This rebel isn’t using the advised cotton pad.

Would 100% recommend this for pretty much any skin coming into the winter. It’s not the cheapest, but a few drops go a long away and this will see your skin through ’til summer. The cheapest I have found it online is at LookFantastic for £31.50 inc. delivery.