Urban Decay Heavy Metals Metallic Eyeshadow Palette : Swatches & Review.

Urban Decay are bringing out some of THE most exciting and talked about collections this year.  Bringing us into Christmas is the newest ‘Heavy Metal’ Collection and this includes this eyeshadow palette, a VICE lipstick palette and 11 shades of gorgeous glitter liner (review of those bad boys a’ coming your way soon).

The Heavy Metals Eyeshadow palette contains 20 amped-up and bold eyeshadow shades, that are not only typically ‘Urban Decay’ in their payoff and quality but they are also NEW & EXCLUSIVE to this one-off, limited edition palette. On the right side you have your warmer, more neutral tones and on the left side, you have your brights, & party colours. All of these eyeshadows have a metallic finish with not a matte in site!

The metallic finish of these shadows are also a completely new formula from Urban Decay, created especially for this palette ; they are more foiled than any others to give an intense, shiny and almost 3D-like finish on those lids.

The actual packaging is eye-catching to say the least : a ‘crushed metal’ look & finish with a sliding out palette that can be taken out completely so you can use it like an artist’s palette. The mirror in the middle is a good size too and handy for precise application. I ain’t gonna lie, I would have loved to have seen another 20 shades instead of a mirror *but* then we would have been looking at a £65-ish palette instead of £43. There is no brush /applicator in this palette, which I understand as it wouldn’t be practical with the way the whole palette slides out and the design, and in all honesty I *never* use the brushes that come within makeup palettes.

I, as always, am really leaning towards the warm tones and I have been wearing these a lot over the last few weeks with favourites being Bass, Afterparty and Starfire. They are super easy to apply and blend, and the pigment is beautifully soft and creamy feeling. I’m super impressed! The Heavy Metals Eyeshadow Palette is an out and out, seasonal party palette. Not for the faint-hearted and one of those that is really good to have that you will reach for when you want to go bolder, brighter and for those special occasions.

It costs £43 and is available on Urban Decay counters, boutiques and from the Urban Decay Website. PSsssssst remember that this is limited edition!