The NEW Bareminerals Poreless Skincare Range.

I just wanted to introduce to you the brand spanking new range from Bareminerals ; the Poreless Collection. I really think Bareminerals have upped their skincare game in the last few years so I’m really intrigued and excited to try this out.

Firstly, we all know by now that you can’t make pores disappear, they are always here to stay and serve an important function BUT we can indeed improve the APPEARANCE of them with certain skincare products and acids.

The Bareminerals Poreless range is a 3-step range of products that have been created to balance the complexion, refine and smooth the skin and help with the appearance of pores. Enlarged pores on the skin tend to come hand-in-hand with a more combination and oilier skin (hello it’s me!) so this range is really targeted towards that skin type.

The first step is the Poreless Clay Cleanser (£19) which is a sulphate-free, creamy clay cleanser. It contains super fruit acids which help to clean out the pores, and will leave your skin feeling super clean, balanced and fresh. I would use this as my AM o2 step 2 of my PM double cleanse. I wouldn’t recommend using it on the eyes because of the clay and fruit acids.

Step 2 is the Poreless Exfoliating Essence (£22) which is what I think is going to be my favourite as I LOVE an AHA exfoliating tonic. This contains super fruits and prebiotics to ensure the skin is bright, balanced and smooth-looking. It is an essence-water that can be used twice a day after cleansing and I would say a slightly gentler exfoliating toner so maybe good for those who are just stepping into the (now HUGE!) world of exfoliating toners.

Finally, the last step is the Poreless Oil Free Moisturiser (£31) which is a lightweight, balancing hydrator, again it contains a touch of fruit acids and will help keep oil at bay but still give that necessary hydration. I always love an oil-free lotion to use instead of a primer and I always have it in my makeup kit as a skin prep. I am looking forward to seeing how this performs!

It’s a nice well-balanced trio of products, contains a nice handful of skin-brightening and refining ingredients, not particularly anti-ageing but if you are after that then you can certainly incorporate some of these products into a fancier skincare regime. All vegan, reasonable price points, nice packaging, easy-to-use.

So if, like me, you are on that more combination-oily-open-pored area in terms of your skin then this could be something to try. I like the fact is a very simple 3-step so again, so this will be good for those stepping into the AHA skincare realm but perhaps don’t want to go too *crazy* to begin with or feel a little overwhelmed with too many products.

Available now from and in-store.

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