An Easy Pick-Me-Up @ Home Pamper

There are a lot of ways that we can make the most of the stay-at-home-situation we are in with the COVID-19 pandemic. It truly is unprecedented times, nothing that we have seen before, anxieties, stresses, worries and difficulties.. and we are all new to this and navigating this life change for the first time. It’s different for everyone but I think for all of us, times are harder than they were and it’s truly a worrying time.

I’m going to do a post about ways I’m trying to focus my energy and keep my spirits up. I don’t want to regurgitate things that you have maybe read a 1,000 times but I will try and give some ideas and suggestions that have been really helping me and making me feel a little brighter whilst abiding by the lockdown rules that our country has in place.

First up : I’m talking all things beauty pampering. Of course. My first love and I have a lot of products at my fingertips to give me a really good at-home pamper and mini facial.

You don’t need to have a lot of products, fancy brands etc, a few basics and an hour out of your daily routine should suffice. The key to having a good pamper is to really set aside that one hour time aside and have it entirely to yourself : Shut that bathroom door, out-of-the-office-on, light that fancy-A$$ candle you’ve been saving for however-many-years in it’s dusty box, podcast on and B R E A T H E.

I don’t want to get all spiritual on yo’ ass but I find it really beneficial that when you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious, simply to have 5 minutes in a room or space alone….breathe, rationalise your thoughts and clear your mind.

I honestly feel like the most important part of having a pamper is already ticked off : having that one-hour bit of mindfulness and unwinding on your own, the products come a way-off second. They aren’t necessary but they do really help me as it’s something I’ve always enjoyed and love. Having a bath, with a fancy candle, a music and/or podcast playing and surrounded by my favourite scrubs and lotions does wonderful things to my soul!

4-Step Facial.

1. D O U B L E   C L E A N S E

Always start your at-home facial with a double cleanse to remove grime, oil, spf and makeup. You want your face to be completely clean for the next steps to be effective. I love the Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm as a step-1. It’s oil-based so it will swipe away your makeup (including waterproof eye makeup) and it’s a a really beautiful and luxurious cleanse. I will always use my Emma Hardie cleansing cloths with any oil-balm cleanser as the microfibre side make them the best and softest to use! For your second step cleanse, use something non-oily and a little lighter. I always go for a gel or something a little clarifying as I am oily and I want to get that lovely clean feel on my skin. At the moment the Tata Harper Clarifying cleanser has been a great second step cleanse, leaving my skin feeling enlivened and fresh.

2. E X F O L I A T E

You can use something with little granular bits in to physically exfoliate or something with BHA and AHA’s (acids) which will exfoliate at a chemical and deeper level. A combination of the 2 always works for me and the PIXI Peel & Polish* is great as it contains fruit acids, AHA’s and small little particles that give it that gentle *scrubby* feel

3. M A S K

Or a couple. I am really liking the REN Evercalm Ultra Comforting Mask at the moment which is just a really effective calming, soothing and hydrating mask – perfect for stressed and hormonal skin! It’s one of my masks that I will always have on my shelf when I need comfort and calm ; nothing too active or fancy.

4. T R E A T

The aftercare skincare regime. Get those products on for a really wonderful feel and look on your freshly polished and preend skin! Eyes : if time, I’ll whack on the Elemis Pro-Collagen hydra gel eye masks* which give an instant soothed and nourished feel around the delicate eye area, followed with a small dab of the incredible Tata Harper Illuminating eye cream. The new Sarah Chapman Glow Illuminating elixir* is a lovely serum-oil-treatment hybrid that works with a blend of ceramides and skin-loving ingredients to give skin an instant illumination and glow. As all of her skincare, it’s also infused with aromatic scents to give a sensory feel and I find it really relaxing particularly in the evening. I love this is with a few drops of the Drunk Elephant Marula Oil* which is a really lovely, rich facial oil when your skin needs that little extra burst of nourishment, glow and hydration. I love this as a PM treat although it can be used AM or PM.

Don’t Forget…

The Body. I have done for around 37 years now but if you have time, give your body a little bit of attention and love.

When was the last time you did a full-body exfoliation? I can promise you for me it was probably the last time I had a treatment at a spa, but doing this with my favourite Upcircle Body Scrub* followed by cocooning myself in a deep moisturising body treatment like the Caudalie Vinosculpt lifting & firming cream* makes me feel so soft and gorgeous….and fully pampered top to toe!

So it sounds like A LOT, with all these steps and products, but honestly, your skin and bod will thank you for giving it a much-needed pamper. Tweak and change your lil’ at-home-facial as you see fit and depending on what products you have and like I have already said, I think THE MOST important part os simply having that one hour slice of alone time with no social, no distractions…nothing.

Have you managed to spend more time on yourself and ‘me time’ during the lockdown period? I think for me, with Tom being @ home now, I get a little bit more of Margot-free time and I manage to squeeze in a pamper session like this maybe once a week = BLISS.

*press samples

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