KIKO ‘The Artist’ Collection.

The latest collection from KIKO is The Artist and immediately as caught sight of the packaging and products I was REALLY excited. Art and creativity has been blurred into makeup & beauty and it it a combination that works really well. Bright packaging, bold lines, explosive colours are all dominant in this collection and as an artist myself (I don’t mean just makeup, I love to paint!) it has really captured my attention and my lust for exploring and experimenting with these wonderful colours.

As always with the KIKO limited edition collections, there is a comprehensive range of new products including foundation, highlighter, powders, blushers, eyeliners, eyeshadow, lip colour, makeup brushes & a serum. There is a whopping 46 products in total.

The packaging is what initially catch your eyes with the washes of bright colours splashed across the white packaging. It manages to look vivid and clean at the same time and it feels luxe and of good quality.

Amongst the products that I have tried I have a few stand out favourites including the gorgeous-looking Artist Foundation Face Brush. This has super-soft synthetic hair that is perfect for applying liquid foundation / blusher and cream highlighters. The shape is rounded like a finger-application which is also a brush I prefer over the typical ‘paddle-type’ foundation brushes….what’s more is that it is super pretty with a dipped-pink end. The Blending Wave Multicolor Blush comes in 4 color-ways and are all really pretty & wearable shades. They are a duo blush so have two main velvety-soft tones in each one that you can custom and mix up yourself to get your perfect shade.

I haven’t found a foundation from KIKO that I’ve really loved but this one, the Glacial Light Soft Sifter Foundation (with a RIDICULOUS name) could be one of the best I’ve tried from them in terms of formula and finish. It’s a water-based foundation with a lovely dewy texture that gives a semi-matte and smooth ‘real-skin’ finish. AKA the coverage is light-medium and slightly build able. The packaging is unusual, with a sifter/net type thing that allows you to capture a good amount of foundation to apply. I’m not sure if this would be a good or bad thing when you get to the end though, as you may have problems getting the last bits of product out.

Possibly one of my favourite products in this collection is the Artist Stroke Mineral Loose eyeshadow which are gorgeous pigments for the eyes and the two shades that I have are really gorgeous and have a perfect mix of pigment and shimmer (which I am told is precious stone dust none-the-less). I have found these nice to blend and build up on the eyes and shade 01 Bespoke Rose is the perfect naked eye no-makeup colour. KIKO always do great lip products and both the lipsticks or the liners live up to expectations. The Colour Click lipsticks have a beautiful creamy & radiant colour and I would quite literally wear all 6 of the shades which come in this collection, which is something I don’t think I would have ever have said. All the colours are beaut and can be matched with the lip pencils. The packaging for the lipsticks is cute, with a click-to-open mechanism.

As always, the prices are almost unbelievably good and start from £4.90 in this Collection. You can check out the full range on the KIKO website.