The Cohorted Black Beauty Box | February Edition.

I received my first ever Cohorted Black Beauty Box in January which I really liked (review here). It seemed to have a perfect mix of luxury and niche brands and was also a really great saving. I can now reveal my second box, which was the February edition, in all it’s glory and the different brands and products from inside and my thoughts.

Firstly I was super excited to clap eyes onto something from chanel when I opened my box. It is the full-sized Illusion D’Ombre Eyeshadow in shade 91 ‘Apparition (£25) which is a really gorgeous deep blue, perfect for a smoky eye. I am not a fan of blue shadows normally, but there is something about the dark metallic shade of this one that makes is really stunning. If you have not tried the Chanel Illusion D’Ombre shadows, they are a beautifully whipped sponge-like texture that apply like a cream and dry like a powder.

 Next up is the BareMinerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment which is also full-size (£45!). This is like no other product I have ever used or heard of so was really intrigued by it ; a mineral makeup-type-product that you apply as a night-time treatment. Sounds utterly bizarre, right?! That’s exactly my thoughts. This PM treatment promises to reduce pores, improve skin texture & increase luminosity…..which is *kinda* what a normal mineral makeup will do but it also increases cell turnover which is a little bit extra than your normal makeup and pushes it slightly more into the treatment realm. I still can’t really get my head around the idea of dusting on, what is essentially a foundation, over my beautifully cleansed face before it hits the pillow and I think the majority will sit with me on this. HOWEVER, this does have a niche market I think and way back when I had terrible acne, this product would have been a perfect product to have when the dreaded sleep-overs / boyfriend houses type scenarios where you don’t want to go bare-faced so you end up sleeping in your double wear. This mineral powder from Bareminerals is a MUCH better option than that and I quite like the fact that *someone* does this and I’m glad to have discovered it.

Another slightly unusual beauty product that is completely new to me is the Dove True Tone Underarm Dark Mark Eraser (£11.99). This is as it sounds, a treatment that will potentially brighten darkness under the arm pits. It is a cream night-time formula, that you apply as you would a deodorant/roll-on. Again, this is a very hit-miss product and for me, it’s not something that I currently need or would use, so I can’t feedback if it actually works or not, nor do I know anyone with seemingly dark armpits, or maybe it’s because I haven’t been looking hard enough. Either way, do let me know if this is something you would use or try?

 There are two sachets of the Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks (worth £15) which are a gel-type eye pad that you apply to the skin and leave on for 20 minutes to diffuse the ingredients onto the skin. Ingredients include hyaluronic acid that smooth and plump the delicate eye area & skin-tightening Padina Pavonica and Chlorella which make these a perfect pre-makeup party prep treatment. Cargo Cosmetics makeup makes another appearance this month (we had a lip quad tin from them last month) with a Longwear Lip gloss in ‘Madrid’ (£10) which is a pretty metallic plum shade. Wearable, nice texture and not overly sticky. Although I do love Cargo Cosmetics, I think the same brand twice in two months is not ideal, and in particular the fact that they are also quite similar products.

There is a touch of fragrance to finish off the box with a sample of the Marc Jacobs LOLA perfume which is always a nice little touch. I am actually yet to try this although I do usually like his fragrances & these little sprays are always great for the handbag and nights out.

Again, this box has a nice, balanced mix of luxe brands and affordable, skincare, makeup & fragrance. It costs £35 (inc delivery) and the total value of the box is £106.99 which is a great saving of £71.99. You can find out more about the Cohorted Black Beauty box and subscribe here.

What do you think about this beauty box? Some quite unusual & innovative products in this one I think!