March Birchbox : Contents & Review.

It’s been a long while since I have done a Birchbox review so here we are with the March Edition of the Birchbox. The theme this month is DISCOVERY and helping your must-have beauty products…which is why the box is an actual wordsearch ; discover / search….geddit? To be honest, this is prettty much what every beauty box ever is kind of wanting us to do, but the box looks pretty, I get what they are doing and you get TWO full-size products in the March box. Hip-hip.

Not every Birchbox beauty box is the same…..which adds to the surprise element, even if you catch a spoiler off some in-the-know blogger on Instagram or have a nosey on the Birchbox website to see what treats are en route to you…it will give you a random selection of 6 out of 12 products. This is both good & bad. On the plus you keep that element of the unknown / gift type idea, which is definitely one of the of the appeals of the beauty box…like a little birthday surprise every month. On the downside, you may see other people with samples/products you would have preferred and you feel a little miffed. However, it all balances out and after a cup of green tea, you can compose yourself, look through the products YOU got and move on from this debacle.

This month I was pretty pleased with the contents of my box….out of 6….I had only used/had two of the products which is pretty good going. 3 of the brands I hadn’t even HEARD of which again, is quite unusual but that’s what I like….to discover beauty. So here’s what’s inside & my thoughts.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray 5ml

I have used this for quite some time and I absolutely SWEAR by it and use it every night. It is a lavender, vetivert & camomile-based  mist that helps calm and relax you before bed to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep. It REALLY WORKS!

Philip B Drop Dead Straightening Balm 15ml

I have this already and use it on the occasion that I attempt to (usually unsuccessfully) blow dry my hair @ home. Philip B is a super  luxury haircare range and I actually love their products and have a fair amount already. This is a silicone-free stryling balm that helps reduce frizz and ensures a sleek and healthy blow dry.

Polaar Ice Source Moisturising Gel 25ml

This isn’t on the online selection list so probably a last-minute replacement after they had run out of other skincare items which is a shame, but hey I got this box as a free sample so no complaint here ; If I had paid for it though, I may have been a little put out. This is a lightweight gel moisturiser that I think could be targeted towards men as the smell is very masculine and it leaves a lingering scent on my skin. I think guys would like this as it does feel lovely but the fragrance content is far too high for me.

Amika Nourishing Hair Mask 20ml

This is an intense conditioning and repairing hair mask. I haven’t heard of this brand before so will be interested to try it and this packet should give me a good one-use. Packed full of vitamins & Sea buckthorn berry.

Arrow Boost Color Enhancing Lip Balm (full-size 4g)

This is a Birchbox-own beauty brand which, again, I have never used. It’s a lovely lip balm that changes colour with the PH of your skin and enhances your lip shade. I really like this and think it’s the winner of this month’s box for me! I am constantly applying lip balm and if it gives me a gorgeous pink hue at the same time then it’s a bonus.

Model & Co More Brows (full size 3.5ml)

I’m yet to try this but really like the sound of it. I think it sounds similar to the Benefit ‘gimme brow’ (again I haven’t used but have heard loads about it!). It is a tinted brow gel that defines, neatens the hairs but also has fibres to give fullness and volume. Can’t wait to try this, as I use a brow gel literally every single day but haven’t used one with fibres in it before.

Birchbox costs just £10 a month plus £2.95 P&P which I personally think is one of the most purse-friendly beauty boxes you can get. You always get products that are worth double/ triple that so it’s absolutely worth it, to discover new and interesting brands every month. You can subscribe and find out more info about Birchbox here.