The Red Lipstick Edit.

That sexy lip colour.
There is literally 50 shades of red….maybe more. Blue red. Orange Red. Pink Red. Red Red. Blazzah Red. Ruby Red. Pillarbox Red. It goes on. It can be confusing. I’m here today to talk about the RED-REDS. Different textures, different prices, but at the end…. just a nice PROPER red lip colour.

For me, a red lip is for when I’m  feeling a little lazy on the eyes. I’m on of those who will *usually* wear one or the other….so a red lip will come hand in hand with a feline flick and lashings of mascara. I wear a red as much in the day as I will at night…perhaps even more.

For some people it is their signature day-to-day (I think of my friend who literally does not go any hour without a swipe of MAC Russian Red on her lips), some people only will don that bold red for special occasions, some people like to wear it with heavy, smokey eyes…wear it how YOU like and how you feel comfortable. Are you a little scared of a bold red? Swipe it on gently and blot it down with a tissue, add some lip balm over the top to get a more ethereal finish…you can still wear a red without going full on.

Colour-wise, we are more often than not after that *holy grail* perfect red. I know from my experience, I have around 30 shades of similar red….and that’s not even in my kit! The best way to find your perfect red? Just try them on….try the different tones, there aren’t any rules (a horrificly over-used phrase) so don’t read a guide online and decide because you have blonde hair and brown eyes that you can’t wear an orange red. You catch my drift. The main thing I am trying to do when choosing a red lipstick for my clients is trying them on until they have that ‘YES IT’S THE ONE!’ moment whilst feeling sexy, glamorous and comfortable. Here is some of my favourite true red lipsticks for your perusal..

MAC Ruby Woo is one of the, if not THE most iconic red lipstick. Bordering on blue-red, this is one of my kit favourites and I am never without this shade. It’s a very matte formula, so if you are dry on the lips, definitely prep with some scrub and lip balm to soften the lips. Kevyn Aucoin Eternal is a bit of an unsung hero and one of my personal favourites. His matte lip colour textures are some of the best out there and the shades are bold and fabulous. Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red is that true, luscious ruby red. The NARS Rita is from their full-pigmented audacious lipstick range and has a wonderful full-pigment finish with one easy swipe. The Rita red is true-bordering on slightly orange, but not too much. One of the most indulgent feeling and looking red lipsticks I own has to be the Lipstick Queen Brat Pack. Pure hollywood glamour and this formula is like nothing else I have tried or own. The newest red to hit my collection comes in the form of the Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Color in ‘Regal’, a lovely pure red tone that is lighter and more balmy in texture than my other picks, so perfect for those if you are a little scared of the *bright-brights* and want something more hydrating on your lips in the winter.

Have you tried any of these? What is your go-to red lip colour?