Colourful Knitwear for AW22 & My Rainbow Cardigan of Dreams!

anthropologie rainbow cardigan

Anthropologie Rainbow Cardigan of Dreams : Let’s go!

I get asked SO much about my favourite Rainbow cardigan. It’s SO pretty and I love it so much so wanted to share some info on it and where you may be able to buy something similar. This one os actually from Anthropologie but at the moment ….it’s not available. I am really hoping they bring it back or in some more colour ways which they have done before so do keep your eyes peeled!

Anthropologie always do some stunning chunky knit / winter style cardigans in beautiful patterns and colours. They are also great quality and wear and last so well. I have maybe 3 or 4 Anthropologie cardigans now and of course, my Anthropologie rainbow chunky knit cardigan of dreams! Just for your info and if this gorgeous piece *does* come back into stock this season, it comes in one size but fits through sizes 8-18-ish. Obviously the smaller you are in size, the more slouchy and looser it will be but I am currently around a size 16 and it still has a slight loose feel and fit on me.


I am finding so much more joy in colourful clothing recently. I used to be always very muted and neutral (or black!) and over the last few years, maybe since moving out of London, I have embraced the brighter lifestyle. It just makes me happy and anything that sparks a little extra joy in your day…..then that’s a win!

anthropologie rainbow cardigan rainbow knit chunky cardigan

It is a super thick chunky knit. I always love this style for winter : honestly cardigans, knitwear and cosy clothing for the win!

Of course, the KWEEN of rainbow cardigans (and EVERYTHING let’s be honest!)  is Olivia Rubin, they are pricey but oh-so-stunning and incredible. My friend has one and I’m always tempted to try and raid her wardrobe. I think the most iconic of the Olivia Rubin Rainbow cardigans has to be the Mika = pastel rainbow perfection! They do sizes XS to XXXL.

Free People also do lovely, great quality cardigans in allll the different colours and stunning patterns. I absolutely love the Free People Petals cardigan but they are currently out of stock of my size at the moment. Like Anthropologie knitwear, the Free People items do really vary in their prices depending on material, how they are sourced etc etc.

If you are on a tight budget then Boo Hoo currently have this rainbow cardigan in the sale : I must say the quality of the things I have purchased from Boo Hoo has not been great, but that’s just my opinion.

If you are looking for under £50 for your dream chunky knit cardigan for this season (and you like a bright colour and pattern) then New look do some great high street cardigans – I have a fair few in my wardrobe that seems decent quality for the price. I’m not even going to discuss SHEIN as I did purchase one of their rainbow cardigans and the quality is real not good and I wouldn’t recommend. I do wear it still as it’s pretty and cute but there is zero warmth to it and it’s SO thin!

bright pattern cardigans 2022

Anyway. I just wanted to talk all things rainbow cardigans to be honest, I’m always on the hunt for my next purchase and also wanted to share with you some good picks for AW22. You may not be able to get hold of my Anthropologie chunky knit rainbow cardigan right now BUT I will update this post if and when it does…’s hoping!