Brand Focus | Pestle & Mortar.

I’ve featured Pestle & Mortar
on my blog quite a bit over the last couple of years,I wanted to
re-introduce you to this brand and do a little focus, for those
who have never heard of Pestle & Mortar cosmetics and for who
have never tried it, mainly because the hyaluronic serum is one of my
favourite skincare products EVERand they have just launched an exciting
new Retinol oil.

If you have never
heard of this teeny skincare brand, let me give you a quick lowdown so
you are up to speed ; Pestle & Mortar is a family-made &
run business from Ireland founded by a lady called Sonia Deasy
Herself, along with her sister (a biochemist) developed a simple and clean skincare range, with active ingredients, no harsh chemicals and does what it says on the tin.

Currently Pestle & Mortar only do 3 products ; The Pure Hyaluronic Serum, Hydrate moistursier and very recently they launched their ‘Superstar’ Retinol oil, which I am yet to try but I did see that Caroline Hiron’s has already featured this in her favourite retinols which speaks volumes.

The Pure Hyaluronic Serum

Just pure LOVE for this product and think I am currently on bottle no.3. A great multi-tasking serum that quite literally anyone and everyone can benefit from. It is a super lightweight, almost watery serum that works to plump, brighten, hydrate & smooth your skin. Can be worn under any moisturiser both AM/PM and I have tried it with a multitude of different moistursiers and it works with everything. Absorbs into your skin immediately with no residue. Key ingredients include Hyaluronic Acid (plumping/smoothing), Aloe Vera juice (soothing/anti-inflammatory), Vitamin E (anti-ageing) & Lactic Acid (a gentle AHA that brightens, exfoliates, reduces breakouts).

Hydrate Moisturiser

This is a lightweight, firming and peptide-packed moisturiser to ensure a firmer, brighter and more wrinkle-free skin. It has natural hydrating ingredients including Jojoba and Squalene which will soften the skin without overloading it with oil ; hence why this cream is suitable for ALL SKINTYPES. It also contains Pomengranate, Green Tea & Vitamin E which are great anti-oxidants for protecting the skin against free radicals. I love the packaging for this, which comes in an airless container which keeps the product active, fresh & it’s super hygenic. For a super dry/dehydrated skin, then I suggest pumping a little bit out onto the top bit, then adding a drop of oil into the moistursier / mix & then apply straight onto the face.

Superstar Retinol Night Oil

The only product I am yet to use so I can’t say first-hand that I love it , but I want to share with you what it’s all about. As obvious from the name, this is a Retinol-based oil that is desgined just for PM use (as with most strong Retinol products). Retinol is THE only proven anti-ageing ingredient that actually works to soften lines, prevent wrinkles, brighten the skin, reduce the appearance of pores and help the texture of the skin. It is a bit of a wonder ingredient, and everyone should have at least 1 Retinol product in their skincare routine. The Superstar Retinol oil is infused with TWO types of Retinol to give you a double-pronged attack & this is encapsulated in a base of cold-pressed grapeseed oil. I am so excited to try this and review it for you.

Pestle & Mortar skincare is available online and  in Liberty’s London.