A Love Affair : Byredo Gypsy Water.

Byredo is a luxury fragrance brand who do some of the most unique scents around.  It was founded in 2006 by a man named Ben Gorham after he had travelled to his mother’s hometown in India and become obsessed with the aromas of spice and incense. They use a simple composition of the highest quality raw ingredients. Aside from fabulous fragrance, Byredo also do bath & body, candles and leather goods.

I am a huge fan of their scents, and have accumulated a few bottles over the years, but Gypsy Water is always my most-loved, most-worn and the one I will continue to buy. What drew my to this? The name ; It’s unusual, slightly mysterious and I wanted in on this secret. I didn’t really know what to expect as for me, the name, gave nothing away, and when I finally got round to smelling it….I was instantly hooked.

I usually love my rich, musky and often unusual scents and this doesn’t really fit into any of these, and perhaps why I need to get in slotted into my fragrance library. This fragrance is quite light and bordering fresh, and it’s a perfect day-to-day, easy to wear and definitely not an overpowering scent.

‘The Glamorisation of the Romany lifestyle..’

Gypsy Water is the smell of fresh soil (bear with me), deep forests and campfires. It wants to evoke the dreams of a free and colourful lifestyle, surrounded by nature. It has top notes of Bergamot, Juniper & Pepper. Heart notes of Incense, Pine Needle & Orris. Base notes of Amber Sandalwood & Vanilla. Reading this, I would expect it to be a very rich and heady scent, but it somehow isn’t yet has the hints of it…and it just works really well.

Perfect for those who like a rich and unusual fragrance, but want to opt for something lighter in the day. The best counter for Byredo is definitely Libertys London, so if you are ever nearby, coming down for Christmas shopping then obvs Libertys is a must-visit so do go in for a sniff-a-thon. The candles are my absolute favourites now too…Albeit an expensive hobby.

Fragrances start from £95 for 50ml.        www.byredo.co.uk