Birchbox June 2017 : Unboxing + Review

First things first : the June 2017 Birchbox comes in the cutest little bag so it’s immediately off to a good start. It also reflects this month’s inspiraton of Brighton Beach with it’s pretty pastel hues and nautical feel. Whether you go to the beach or another day out, this month’s theme is ‘Daytripping’ and staycations and inside the bag is all the little beauty essentials to see you through.

With the cute bag aside, which I’m defo going to be using for my travel makeup FYI, let’s have a look at the other products and see if they make this month’s Birchbox a good’un.

First up there is a full-size Ecotools Eye Enhancing Set (worth £6.99) that contains 2 eye brushes. I’m really excited to get these as I actually have never tried Ecotools – yikes! Another full-size product comes in the form of the Cowshed Cow Pat (!) Hand Cream (worth £8) which I have had before and it’s a REALLY good hand cream so I am happy with this also. Last up for the full-sizers (by the way 3 in one box is REALLY good!), is a MeechNmia Brow liner (worth £12.99). I haven’t heard of this brand before and unfortunately the colour is too pale for me as it’s for blondes but it won’t go to waste as I can use this and try it in my kit.

Next up is the Scrub Love Coffee Body Scrub (50g) which is a really decent size to get a few uses out of it and I’ve been wanting to try this for absolutely ages so again, a big thumbs up from me. I am yet to try it as a scrub but I can confirm it smells wonderful and it’s one of those products I just *know* that I’m going to love. The Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream is a generous size to get a good 2 weeks trial out of it. I haven’t tried this before but I have heard it’s meant to be good – another product I am happy to receive.

So this month’s Birchbox = L O V E. There’s a few key reasons why I am really impressed. First up : There is 3 full-sized items. Secondly : It’s worth a good £40+ so it’s such a bargain. Third : I am a beauty junkie, literally every box I have tried most of the products/brands and for the first time EVER, I’ve only tried 1/5 and this excites me.

The Birchbox monthly subscription boxes cost £10 (+£2.95 P&P) and you can find out more/subscribe here. Also, I love their website as they sell so many great brands so be careful !!