The Beauty ANTI HAUL post.

What even is an anti-haul post?!

It’s basically a list of products, possibly hyped up or popular products that I WON’T be spending my hard-earned money on. The un-list wish.

I’ve been cutting back my spendy habits as in recent months, I went a lil’ crazy on the beauty hauls, and I have a ridiculous amount of beauty products at the moment so there isn’t honestly much I need. I am just trying to be a little more mindful of how much I spend and what I already have. The following hyped up things…. I am definitely not going to be buying anytime soon:

Primark Beauty. Hmmm I am intrigued, but not *that* much. Soz. I know Primark is fabulous for those budget buys but I simply haven’t been interested by anything I have seen on blogs and/or in-store when I’ve been to have a look. I sometimes feel like because something is dirt cheap then it must be a bargain and I have to buy it even if I don’t need it ; and here I am surrounded by budget makeup I don’t even really use aside from swatches on my blog and then it goes into the forgotten pile. < Which still seems wasteful even if it was cheap!

Unicorn brushes. It’s a no from me. I am acutely aware I sound like a boring old buzzkill right now : I’m just a little eye-rolley when it comes to the unicorn craze atm. Don’t get me wrong, I love bright colours, iridescents and neons, but I think brands are just killing it (not in a good way). Unicorn brushes seem to come hand-in-hand with a strange ‘fad’ design that may look pretty but aren’t particularly user-friendly for actual application (did you ~SEE~ those mermaid tail brushes?!….).

L’Oreal Face Masks. Those ones, yes *those* ones with the mint green lids we are seeing everywhere. I just don’t particularly like L’Oreal skincare and it’s more often than not filled with fillers, fragrance,  colouring, silicones and such….. amirite?

Kiehls’ midnight recovery concentrate. I love the sound of the cleansing oil and have had differing results with the skincare I have tried form Kiehl’s but I did try a couple of small samples of this ”wonder oil” and was not impressed with the greasy feel on my skin or with the results – just not for me.

Urban Decay Heat thingy. That one we are seeing 300 a day on social media (bravo UD!) I do like the look of the shades, I really do, but a) I do not need any more warm palettes b) I have heard VERY varying truths on how it swatches. I will defo get my SWATCH ON when I get near it to make my own mind up for sure. If you have it – how are you finding the swatches/pigment?

Jeffree Star anything. It’s just a no.

What products are you not going to buy off the back of hype? Perhaps you have some of the above and LOVE & think I do need to buy! Let me know.