David Kirsch | 48 Hour Supercharged Cleanse.

I’m having a bit of a panic. I get married in like 3 months (arghhhh) and I’m a bit of a last-minute-Mary right now. I want to detox and trim down so I am looking and feeling my best for the day. I started my regime last week with a 2-day cleanse from David Kirsch. I have done this once before and it is pretty hard going but is a perfect way to kick start weight loss. If you are unfamiliar with David Kirsch he is a fitness and nutrition superhero from America who’s clients include Heidi Klum , Liv Tyler and a plethora of glitzy A-lister slebs, he is also the man to get the Victoria’s Secret models *catwalk ready* AND (I think more importantly) he dresses up really well at Heidi Klum’s infamous Halloween parties.

The 2-day supercharged cleanse is similar to the ‘Beyonce’ diet AKA the Maple Syrup diet and is a ready-made drink that you dilute with water and sip for 2 days. That’s all you have; you don’t have any food at all for those two days..no tea, no coffee, just this pink drink by the gallon and you can also incorporate his Thermo Bubbles if you need an afternoon boost. Aside from the pure lemon juice concentrate, Pure maple syrup & Cayenne pepper (as in the maple syrup diet) this also contains a blend of vitamins and natural extracts to keep the body functioning perfectly including Cranberry extract, Vitamin B12, milk thistle seed extract and Acai fruit extract. 


Day 1 : My last meal was the night before and I wake up feeling quite hungry and have my first glass of juice at around 10am. It explains how to dilute it and it’s easy to do it literally like squash and just add to your taste preference. I was working today, so the easiest way was to buy a big bottle of Evian, and fill this up with the concentrate and take that with me everywhere.

I didn’t stick to breakfast, lunch & dinner, I just sipped on it throughout the day as needed. I was peeing like a racehorse all day and I think this is a sign that it is flushing toxins out, just be prepared! I did get a bit of a headache throughout the day which is apparently quite common, but this subsided after I drank loads of water and I was fine. I did feel quite hungry by about 4pm and as Space Nk had sold out of Thermo Bubbles I drank a sachet of the Super Juice instead which boosted my energy to see me through the day. I battled through but by dinner time I was REALLY hungry and irritable. Food smells made me hungry so I went to bed really early at like 10pm so I could sleep through the pangs and dream of cake.

Day 2: I was off today which I was dreading as I tend to snack a lot more when I am at home. I woke up feeling quite hungry and I had a gurgly stomach which actually got better as the day went on. I kept myself really busy so I kind of forgot about the hunger pangs and I felt really positive that I could do this. I went out and about and just took my big bottle of water/mix with me so I had that to keep me going. By the evening I did remember the hunger again but it actually wasn’t as bad as day 1 . I woke up the next morning and jumped on the scales to see that I had dropped nearly 5lb in those two days! This is obviously a huge portion of water retention but I was really pleased and a great result and a good kickstart for my diet.

The 48hr supercharged cleanse costs £24.50 and is available at Space NK. I don’t think the price is too bad as it’s your *food* for 2 days plus if you did the Maple Syrup diet the grade B maple syrup costs over £30 alone. It;s quick, it’s relatively easy and it does give you results. I am going to see how I get on over the next few weeks, but am considering doing it again soon before I go to Ibiza at the end of August. I am going to do his 5-day detox next up, which allows food and shakes and I’m looking forward to seeing how this works for me.

Have you done something similar to this, the maple syrup diet or a juice cleanse?