New Makeup Currently on Trial & First Impressions.

Erm , HOW many amazing beauty launches are occuring right now!? I’m a little overwhelmed with all the products I am trying out on myself and in my kit as there is SO much glorious-ness. I want to quickly share with you some of my favourite new products, things on trial & just general newness in my makeup world. Brands include GOSH cosmetics, Benefit, Cover FX, Rimmel, PIXI & Eyeko. 

GOSH Matte liquid lips.

Liquid lips AIN’T GOING NOWHERE. If a makeup brand didn’t spring into action with a range last year, that you can bet your bottom dollar they will be bringing one out this year. GOSH have launched a line of 8 liquid lippies with shades ranging from the popular nudes to the reds and more bold shades. I think these are great and will have a full review a’ comin’ soon with lip swatches.

Cover FX Custom enhancer drops ‘blossom’.

Cover FX have recently extended their range of enhancer drops with 3 more shades ; rose gold, blossom & ?. I swatched them all the other day and had purchased ‘Blossom’ before it had dried. It’s so vivid, so gleamy and I love a pink-toned highlighter. I have a few of these already and they *are* fantastic highlighters and I think/hope they have finally sorted the packaging so it doesn’t rub off.

Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powders.

These are EVERYWHERE @ the moment because I believe every blogger in existence received some of the Rimmel brow collection in the post. I have swatched them and had a play with them and am not yet sure on how I feel about them as I like quite a sharp looking brow but I will come back with full feedback soon. I think these are great if you want something simple and easy to use AND already have a decent brow shape (not me!!). I *do* like the idea of doubling this up and using on the eye so we shall see…

Benefit Galifornia. 

Possibly my favourite benefit ‘box o’ powder’ since my beloved Coralista which I am still using 6 years on! The Galifornia is equally as beautiful in my eyes ; a bright, summery flash of pinky-coral and glow that will perk up and cheer up the saddest of faces! It is beautifully embossed AND has a spray of gold sheen over the top – almost too pretty to use.

PIXI makeup & brushes.

How have I NEVER tried any PIXI makeup until now?! I was so happy to receive a lovely box from PIXI with some of their makeup palettes & their brushes which I have been trialling over the last couple of weeks. I am actually really impressed with their brushes – I like the short handle and the eyeshadow brush is perfect for my eye shape. I’m not even going to get started on the It’s Judy Time eye palette – I will be doing a full review and look ASAP!! Too good.

EYEKO Lash Alert mascara £19.50

This launched just last week and I used if for the FIRST ever time live on my You Tube video right here. It really works and makes your eyes feel wide awake, fresh and it gives me lovely fluttery lashes. I also have a full review on my blog here. > I have no idea why I felt the need to link that, it’s literally my last blog post.

Have you used any of these newbie products yet? What are your thoughts? Full reviews will be coming for sure of the Rimmel Brows, the GOSH liquid lipsticks and ALL the PIXI makeup.