5 Happy Things.

beautiful sunset

I’ve had a really lovely weekend with my daughter so just wanted to share with you some of the highlights and just some small things I’m feeling grateful for coming into a new week.

Beautiful Sunsets.

Wow. Honestly this time of the year is ALWAYS the best for the most stunning sunrises and sunsets. I captured this shot yesterday, it was about 4/4.30pm and I hadn’t expected it to 1.) be such a lovely afternoon b.) such a stunning place to see the sunset. What a special moment. We had such a lovely time together.

Tasty Food.

Weekend + Food go hand-in-hand right? It’s the only time I have a little more time to make proper meals and try new recipes, bake etc etc. This weekend I rustled up a brunch of scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, avocado, feta and chill on toasted bagels and it was MEGA. Also : so easy and quick?! both me and Tom thought it was a banger and it’s also quite light on the stomach so it doesn’t make you feel quite as lethargic and gross as a proper greasy fry-up can. 

brunch recipes and ideas

‘New’ Handbag.

OMG : SO. We moved house nearly a year ago now and there is still a lot of stuff coming in and out of storage. I have been sorting out my Autumn/winter wardrobe and getting all my summer bits up into the attic. I wanted to bring down some of my old handbags : including a few that my late mum had given me….so I went to look for my special box of designer handbags. I COULDN’T FIND IT or any of the bags and I started to really panic. Had they been lost in the move? Did I leave them at the air b n’ b we stayed in in between the house move, were they in damp storage and ruined?!

I had a good few days of searching, worrying and panicking about them. Tom went up into the attic and found them all…literlaly sat in one of the first boxes he came across. lol. I felt so dumb but also SO relieved that these bags were found as some are really dear to me. I’m particularly fond of my Mulberry Bryn (flame red) handbag which I am going to be wearing a lot in the coming months. Super happy!

mulberry bryn flame red handbag pink mother daughter converse

Frothy Coffee.

Honestly, is it just me or does anyone else find such a small joy in having their morning coffee? We have a Nespresso machine (it’s this one) and it’s been on of the best purchases ever I swear. No matter how tired I am, I can always look forward to a nice, strong, frothy latte. Yes please. I’m literally on my second as I am typing this out.

pretty coffee shot


These have been much-need and much used this last week. Lots of puddle-splashing with Margot and lots of stomping around woodland. I ALWAYS keep my wellies and a pair of thick, long socks in my car….always. I’m always prepared for when we get out of the car and it’s muddier than expected or it’s started raining. Honestly even on this deceiving sunny days you can get out of the car to mud, wet and those converse trainers are not going to take the heat. 

PS I have written a post HERE all about the best outdoor boots and wellies for Autumn / Winter 2022.

pampas growing in the wild teals farmshop loaded doughnuts

Simple, little things and moments that are keeping me in a positive mind-set to start this week! It can be so easy to focus on the bad (I’m terrible for this) but I’m really trying to see the smaller joys in things. 

Have a great week! Let’s do this x