My Elemis Skincare Top 3.

Elemis top 3 skincare products*This post contains press samples and affiliate links : please refer to my disclaimer for further information*

I sometimes feel like I’m one of the last beauty bloggers in this entire world to try out Elemis skincare ; Can you believe it I’m so far behind?!

You may know that I got sent a lovely bunch of Elemis to try at the beginning of lockdown which I was really excited about, and have been trying out some of the bits as and when I can slip them into my regime.

I have had Elemis facials, I used the infamous Camellia Body Oil during my pregnancy (Psssst  I’ve heard from very good authority that Victoria Beckham uses it) which I honestly thought was incredible and I had always had my eye on *that* cleansing balm, but I just hadn’t ever got round to trying their skincare. It’s been a few months and I’ve tried most of the products by now and I wanted to share with you what I am really loving so far. My must-buys and stand-outs!

elemis pro-collagen rose hydro-mist

The Pro-Collagen Rose Hydro-Mist was the first product I tried and I have definitely mentioned this in a monthly favourites in the last few months. It was an instant hit for me as it’s something that can slip into any skincare regime and this was incredible during the UK heatwave we had right at the start of lockdown.

It is a super-hydrating serum-in-mist formula and is clinically proven to deliver instant and long term hydration to the skin.

This fine mist leaves skin feeling and looking radiant and refreshed. I love it under my serum before my skincare regime in the AM, and throughout the day over makeup / skincare simply to refresh and give a burst of hydration. The rose smells absolutely incredible! It also sprays really well ; if you are a skincare junkie you will know what I mean…some mists are far more superior to others in the way they spray and this is in the top tier ; nice, fine and even with no spluttering!

The Pro-Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm. The product that I’ve had my beady eyes on for so long and one I see constantly talked about on blogs and in beauty pages in glossy mags for so very long.

This is your typical cleansing balm, a perfect first-step /PM cleanse and one that will remove all makeup, impurities, SPF and daily build-up and grime. It turns from a luxurious balm into a milk on the skin and really deep cleanses and brightens the skin.

I believe the original/normal formula is exactly the same base ingredients, it’s just the rose addition/scent which makes them different. Cleansing balms are possibly my favourite thing ever in skincare and this one certainly didn’t disappoint. The rose scent is slightly different to what I had imagined ; for some reason I expected it to be sweet, but this has that classic ‘dried rose’ kinda vibe to it. It’s a real luxurious treat to use!

elemis rose cleansing balm elemis pro collagen rose cleansing balm

The Pro-Collagen Insta-Smooth Primer is a product that I haven’t heard *that* much about from other blogs and magazines but I am really loving it. I feel like I’m feeling more ‘liney’ and ‘porey’ more than ever at the moment ; lockdown life with a toddler, lack of sleep and *perhaps* lack of botox, so I’m really reaching for those smoothing products before I apply my makeup and this is ticking all the boxes!

It’s a primer-skincare hybrid so it does have extracts and complexes within it that will help your skin’s condition longterm but it’s all about that instant gratification for me ; it smooths, blurs and softens the appearance of the skin without feeling too weighed down and thick. Perfect for under makeup or solo and it works with every base that I have tried it with so far ; no sticking or rolling. I’m not massively into my typical primers but this feels more like skincare to me ; it is a colourless cream and even just dabbed onto the t zone and ‘problem’ areas lightly it’ll make a huge difference!

elemis pro-collagen insta-smooth primer

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I have my eye on the Pro-Collagen super serum and the Pro-Collagen Marine Oil next as have heard great things about these so I may invest next time I am on the market for these bits. I can really see why Elemis has SUCH a following of loyal fans and skincare addicts! I’m really excited to try more from Elemis and may even book myself in for a post-lockdown Elemis facial when the beauty therapists can get back to work. 

elemis pro-collagen

Have you tried Elemis and what are your go-to products? I’d love to have some more recommendations to get stuck into.

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