Hair Hero from Argan Secrets : Miracle 10 leave-in conditioner.

This is a brand that I stumbled across in my local Sally’s after I had over-bleached my hair last year. I went on a huge mission to discover new treatments and masks to repair my damaged hair and this stood out as being something that could potentially be really good.

They had trial packs of one of their hair masks so I got a couple of sachets for the gym and then the Miracle 10′ leave-in treatment. I instantly found it to be incredible for my hair. The leave-in treatment  not only smells absolutely gorgeous but from the first use it made a visible difference to the condition of my hair.

It makes my hair feel lovely and soft and nourishes, detangles and adds that extra burst of condition. This luxurious hair spray can be used on both wet and dry hair although I usually use it on wet. The name Miracle 10 is because it has 10 benefits, these include:

1.) Detangling

2.) Reducing static

3.) Controls frizz

4.) Prevents damage

5.) Repairs damage

6.) Improves moisture levels

7.) Adds shine

8.) Gives a silky feel

9.) Enhances manageability

10.) Improves shine

I think I want to include ‘MAKES HAIR SMELL GOD DAMN AMAZING’ onto this list because it really does ; many-a-times I have been in the gym changing rooms and ladies have asked me what it is solely because of the gorgeous scent. Ingredients include argan oil, aloe vera, hemp seed oil, manuka honey, chamomile flower & calendula flower. I think that this is a hair product that can benefit everyone not just the damaged maidens like myself.

It can be used on holiday or in humid conditions simply onto dry hair to protect and add nourishment, and also it’s great for very curly hair to refresh and re-curl in between hair washes. I have a small bottle for my gym bag which is the size I originally purchased to try it out, and now I have just invested in the large 250ml size which is offer at the moment and the same price as the small bottle I believe….I keep this one in my bathroom at home. I think I’m onto my 4th bottle of this nectar of the gods and that absolutely speaks volumes as I rarely am that faithful to hair products.

Hands down the best leave-in / conditioning spray I have EVER USED. I’m really tempted to try out the shampoo and conditioner next. Have you tried or heard of Argan Secrets before?