Glitter & Stars Festival Makeup + Tutorial

Wö000000000000 hello everyone, I have finally got around to filming and having fun with some festival-type makeup looks. This is the first one and is colourful, quick and E-A-S-Y. I’m gonna talk you through it in steps here OR there is a link below to the 12-minute video I filmed below if you would prefer to watch. *emoji eyes*

The only thing I would say when creating these fun, vibrant and full-on looks….is have fun and DON’T WORRY abut messing it up…you kinda can with this makeup AND I promise you it is far easier than doing a neat feline flick and red lip. I started off with one idea in my head for this and it turned into something completely different – and I think that’s the beauty of this creative and colourful makeup.

Glitter & Star Makeup Look:

You will need : Bright liquid colours / face paints and or liquid lipsticks (I used some kat von D), Star embellishments, Stick on diamantes, a straw (!), glitter of you choice, glitter glue and spirit gum if you have (if not you can use lash glue), A mixing palette (can use a plate), false lashes if you wish. I have direct links at the bottom of all the bits I used.

1.) Prep your base as usual & apply an eye look/colour of your choosing

2.) Cut a straw so it is smaller and easy to use as a stencil (I had mine around 2 inches) & ensure the cut is straight to get a perfect circle.

3.) Dip your straw stencil into your face paint and imprint around the eye area – doesn’t have to be neat. Switch up the colours as you wish (I used neon pink, purple, white)

4.) Stick on your star & crystal embellishements with either lash glue or spirit gum

5.) Apply some fluttery, big lashes – top & bottom for full effect.

Have fun and go forth with sticking everything you can find on your face! Here’s some links to some handy products.

Mastix Glue (spirit gum) > here.

Hobbycraft Gems > here.

Stars (mixed shades & sizes) > here.

Glitter > I am currently all over Shine Shack.

Glitter Glue > here.

Various lashes > I am loving

Let me know if you are off to any festies this year or maybe you have already been? I am going to Wilderness next month which I’m really looking forward to! (Gone are the days of Creamfields and Global Gathering….)