Rimmel Summer Glow Hits.

Most of us are after that summery, bronzed glow at the moment and I wanted to share with you a few bits from high street favourite makeup brand Rimmel that will help you achieve this with ease.

I absolutely love a glow on my skin and the Rimmel Radiance Brick is a wonderful multi-tonal bronzer that looks great washed all over the skin to give a subtle glow. Paler skinned-peeps can stick to the paler end, and this product is also really pretty on the eyes too. I like this just over the top of a light base ; no blusher/ no contour and no highlight as this is kind of your all-in-one and I’m all about that quick makeup right now! If you prefer a little more selfie-friendly and perfection to your makeup then the Kate Sculpting Palette may be a better option for you as this has a combination of a more structured highlighter, contour/bronze and a blusher. It has a very wearable combination of colours that will suit most skin tones AND I love the highlighter swept across the eyes.

Last up for that ultimate summer skin glow AND possibly my favourite Rimmel product EVER is the cult / hero product the Rimmel Sunshimmer Instant Tan. I have so many feels for this product and I have used this for quite literally 20 years +. the formula has come on in leaps and bounds and not only does it smell like summer in a tube now but it’s also water resistant and is the ultimate instant tan for the body. I apply it with a tanning mitt for ease and they do different shades, although you can also blend it in with any body cream for a more subtle finish. (I often dollop a drop of this into my foundation to warm it up but it *does* contain fragrance so this isn’t ideal for sensitive skins!) 


  • Opt for a tinted moisturiser, BB or CC cream in the day and allow your skin to breath and show through
  • Always wear an SPF of at least 30+
  • Ditch the powder. Ok well not totally, especially if you are oily like myself, but I only use a smidgen when it is warmer as I like a natural and glowing finish BUT keep that powder handy in your bag for when the glow turns to out-and-out disco ball shine . Don’t be afraid of the glow is what I’m saying! 
  • Apply bronzer in areas other than just your cheeks : bring it across the forehead, nose, chin AND from the side of the nose and outwards towards the cheeks – this will give a real sun kissed/ holiday skin look to your face.
  • Love your primer ; a key to your makeup/base staying put during the warmer weather
  • Fake freckles. I absolutely love freckles and they are such an easy way to give a youthful, pretty and ‘holiday-skin like’ touch to the face. Also if don’t fancy wearing no foundation/base then once you put fake freckles over the top, it imitates the look of no makeup = score.

Have you used any of these products yet? How about my beloved Sunshimmer instant tan?

*Contains PR samples