Eve Lom Kiss Mix Duo : Look Fantastic Exclusive (& discount code!)

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Hi everyone, I hope you are all having a lovely week. It’s got really warm here in the UK and I’ve mainly been slathering on SPF50, hiding in the shade and trying to keep cool in this heat! I just wanted to quickly share with you this new and exclusive little duo that has recently launched on Look Fantastic ; the Eve Lom Limited edition Kiss Mix Duo.

I find in the summer and warmer weather, a tinted balm so much more favourable over a fuller, thicker formula lipstick ; sheeny, moisturising and glossy all the way for me! I often will wear just a lip balm most of the time, but anything that is primarily a treatment/ skincare product and has a flash of makeup infused seems to work for me (and my dry lips).

The original Eve Lom Kiss mix is a bit of a cult hit in the beauty world. It’s a really lovely lip balm, with a bit of sheen and I have used it for many, many years and the first thing that springs to mind is how a lot of men seem to LOVE it when I have used it for grooming on male models and talent. I actually ended up gifting it to one TV presenter as he would always comment on how much he loved it!

It contains beeswax (non vegan), and a range of ingredients to help moisturise, soften and plump the lips. It also has a touch of menthol to give that infamous tingly pout and feel. The tinted Kiss Mix formulas have a really pretty pop of translucent colour. The shades can look quite bright but they will apply nice and softly with a lovely glossy and comfortable finish. I think they just do 3 shades now although I am sure they launched with 4 tinted balm shades initially a few years ago.

This duo set contains shades ‘Lippy’ (a soft brown/nude) and the slightly punchier shade called ‘Cheeky’ which is a berry tone. I actually already have and use both of these shades and have worn them for quite some years ; I also love them mixed together and layered which gives a really pretty colour as you can see below in the swatches.

I would love to see these come with an SPF next, that would be my perfect summer staple I think. I tend to avoid the sun anyway but it would just be great for when you are out and about for longer periods of time or when you want to look a lil’ fancy at that pool party / Ocean beach (lol) or festival. We can only dream.

This Kiss Mix Colour Duo is only available on Look Fantastic and is limited edition. It costs £30 which is a great saving of £6 AND you can also use my 15% discount code on these to bring the price down to £25.50 ; and guess what, there is free shipping over £25 so HOORAY. A great little deal if you are looking for some summery tinted balms.

My Look Fantastic discount code is LAURA_LF and will work against *most* products although some exclusions do apply. Happy Shopping!