Ski Trip to Val Di’Isere & Vlog.

Possibly one of the best holidays I’ve had. Not only did I enjoy getting back to skiing TOO much, but the was great company, lots of laughs, memorable days, beautiful weather and perfect skiing conditions.

Me and my husband joined our best friends and their family for a big ski trip. There was a mixture of ages and skiing abilities but everyone went off and did their own thing and then we would all re-assemble for lunch on the slopes or for afternoon tea which was served in the chalet around 430pm.

The Resort.

Val D’Isere is possibly one of the most infamous ski resorts in the French Alps known for it’s apres ski as much as the activity itself. We flew into Geneva airport in Switzerland and got a transfer to the resort which took around 3 hours.

As for the skiing : There is lots of varying runs, lifts and it’s easy link to the neighbouring resort of Tignes, which is all inclusive on your lift pass. It was pretty busy, and I believe Val D’Isere always is as it’s such a popular resort, but once I got used to the pistes and the different runs, you can find the less quiet runs (aka the reds and the blacks!)

There are restaurants dotted all over the place so whenever you need a vin chaud and a rest, it’s never too far away. The town itself has a great little high street dotted with small shops, boutiques and restaurants and if you aren’t a skier, you can pretty much keep yourself entertained with all the other fun things.

The Weather.

Was insane the week we went. There was a huge dump of snow the day before we arrived and then it was pure sunshine every day we were there. I came back with a sufficient and ridiculous tan from wearing goggles. I was skiing in a hoodie by the end of the week and one of our crew was skiing in trackies (like a BOSS).

The Apres ski.

Lots of this! The infamous La Folie Douche is tucked away at the side of one of the skin runs and you can hear it way before you see it. From 12pm-7pm it becomes a pure, unadulterated party bar : whilst you eat your food at the restaurant, you are surrounded by trapeze artists, live performances, dance shows and music. By 2pm everyone is pretty much upon the tables dancing in their ski boots with red noses from a heady combination of too much sun and wine = SO MUCH FUN. SO MUCH PEOPLE WATCHING. We went twice in the week.

The Chalet.

We stayed at Chalet Rocher. It was the most insanely beautiful place I think I’ve ever stayed. It sleeps 14, it’s the size of a small hotel, and is one of the most luxurious chalets in the French Alps. It has a swimming pool, a lift, a spa, 5 staff and it’s decadent AF. You get a 3-course (michelin star style) meal every night in the Chalet and there’s an open bar which is fully stocked with everything you request/need/want. If you run out, they replace it. The staff are really lovely and discreet and will make you drinks, serve you if that’s what you want, most of the time we just became barmen for the week and it was all part of the fun.

As a skier, THIS is the ultimate way to ski : there is a boot room right at the bottom of the chalet where you leave your gear in the PM after being dropped off by the chalet chauffeur (yes, really). There is heated ski boot warmers and every AM when you leave they stock you up with bottles of Evian, SPF 30/50, piste maps & small chocolate bars for on-lift sugar pick-me-ups. The chauffeur is available to take you to the lifts and pick you up/ take you anywhere in the resort at anytime of the day and night. None of the painful clumping home in your ski boots and blistered feet! If you are achey AF like I was, there is a sauna, and obviously a hot tub on the balcony.

All the rooms are en-suite with both a bath & shower (you NEED that bath for those post-ski muscle soaks), have huge flat screens, a music dock & your own private balcony. There is WIFI throughout the chalet, a (very unused) gym, a spa room and obvs a lift for getting up and down the 5-storey powerhouse.

It’s ridiculous. It’s insane, I am sure I will never have the opportunity to ski like this EVER again in my entire life so I wanted to share with you as much as possible.

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I vlogged as best I could which you can check out on my You Tube Channel (please subscribe – thankyou please!) this includes a lil’ chalet tour, some skiing and a bit of that crazy La Folie Douche action!

x ENJOY! x