Budget Beauty | The Crownbrush Top 10 Makeup Brushes.

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you will know that I am a huge fan of Crownbrush makeup brushes ; affordable, great quality, a huge selection & there is a brush for every single makeup need. I have used them for over 10 years and still have some that are that old (and still great!) = speaks volumes.

Last week I was invited along to a lovely afternoon tea with the brand to explore their top 10 makeup brushes and have a chat with the head of makeup-artistry the wonderful and super knowledgeable Zoe Newlove. I was familiar and have used a lot of the top 10, but a few of them were completely new to me (hey they do like over 250 brushes) & it was good to learn new tips and techniques.

The Top 10 Edit


1.) C473 Pro Studio Contour. This is a short-haired brush, and perfect for sculpting and contouring the face using both cream and powder products. I was really excited about this brush as it has been on my wishlist for ages and I keep seeing great reviews on it. MAC did a very similar one to this when they launched their cream contours a few years ago, but I think it was limited edition as I can no longer see it on their website. Really looking forward to giving this a try.

2.) C405 Contour Blush. One I know, love & use already. A typical angled blusher brush that can be used for contouring also. Best used with powder. Natural hair. This is a really lovely soft brush, I like it equally as much for applying blush and contour. I only like a relatively natural contour so this is perfect as you won’t get a dump of product on your skin with this brush as it’s very fluffy….great for beginners!

3.) C406 Large Duo Fibre. I have this one already and it’s a perfect dupe for the MAC Duo fibre brush but for 30% of the price. A blend of synthetic and natural hair, perfect for fluid, cream or powder blending.

4.) C456 Pointed Blender. This is an oversized concealer brush and great for blending, cleaning up and concealing large areas, including under the eyes. Pure synthetic bristles so I find this great to work with cream and fluid makeup.

5.) C436 Mini duo fibre. I actually prefer this smaller version of the duo fibre to apply foundation and concealer. It’s just the right size so you can do both and with the shorter and firmer  bristles it’s really easy to buff product into your skin. Another perfect MAC dupe that costs just £7.69…theirs costs £33!


6.) C433 Pro Blending Fluff. The typical fluffy and slightly tapered blending eye brush that we all know and love. Very soft and easy to blend away powder and creams to get beautiful smokey eyes. I also have one of these in my pro kit solely for applying my Laura Mercier Secret Brightening powder.

7.) C441 Pro Blending Crease. One of my favourite eye brushes from Crownbrush as it’s really versatile and you can apply eyeshadow, blend, buff, use it in the crease AND underneath the eyes.  Definitely one to buy if you haven’t already.

8.) C431 Precision Pencil. I use this daily for smudging shadow & liner on my upper and lower lash lines. Has a tapered point so you can get great perfect precision and control with your products. Also great to use to build up colour in the crease/cut crease. Like a sultry, sexy smokey eye? Then you need this in your collection.

9.) C475 Silicone Angle Liner. This is one I was a bit baffled by as I have never seen anything like it! A typical angled liner brush shape but is made from a strip of silicone…which is kinda clever. I’ve had a little practice with it and I need to get used to it but *could* work for me, I’m just so used to using brushes that it may take me a while.

10.) C438 Pro Deluxe Eyeliner. A pointed and tapered brush for gel and liquid liner. Can also be used for smudging. I personally prefer a thinner, angled brush for my winger eyeliner (like the C160) however this particulate brush I always use for precision/blemish concealing – it’s perfect!

If you are thinking of your Christmas wish list or looking to buy a makeup lover something then consider a bunch of these brushes from Crownbrush. They send them out really quickly and anyone who is into beauty will know the brand and welcome new makeup brushes with open arms! You can never have enough eye blending brushes.

Have you tried Crownbrush yet? What are your favourite brushes?