AD | Summer Skin with the Ezitan Tanning Range.

ezitan overnight tan face mask reviewFake tan doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be messy, and with the right choice of products for you, it can actually be a really quick and easy addition in your beauty regime. I am such a big fake tan lover and I have used so many brands and types over the years so I was excited to see how the new Ezitan tanning range fared against my usual go-to’s.

Ezitan is a tanning range formulated with skincare, so you’ll find the products will both tan and lightly hydrate you skin, with promises of even coverage, no patchiness and a long-lasting tan. In the Ezitan range, there is an Overnight Tan body Mask, an Overnight Tan Face Mask and a Hydro Tanning Mist, They also do one of the BEST tanning mitts I have ever used!

ezitan fake tanning range fragrance direct ezitan 3 in 1 mitt ezitan hydro tanning mist

The Ezitan 3 in 1 Tanning Mitt is so clever and I have never even seen anything like it : It is made with a really soft, velour-like material that makes for super smooth and even tanning. It has two mitts connected with a long piece of fabric so you can quickly tan all over the body double-mitts style-ee and most importantly DO YOUR BACK without begging your partner, friend or family member. You don’t get any leaks or stains to the hands and it’s machine-washable.

The Overnight Tan Body Mask is a lightweight gel texture. Colourless, so no stains on the sheets and it dries nice and quickly. It not only gives you a really beautiful golden tan as you sleep, but it also contains hyaluronic acid, provitamin B5, Aloe Vera, Cucumber Extract and Vitamin E ; a really nice hydration boost for the skin. The Overnight Tan Face Mask is very similar to the body version in terms of ingredients and actions ; Hyaluronic acid, aloe vera & cucumber extract all help to nourish the face as you tan and you will wake up with a really fresh healthy glowing complexion after just one night. I find some tanning creams can bring me out in spots but this one was absolutely fine. It does contain silicone but

My favourite product I have tried from the range has to be the Hydro Tanning Mist. This is primarily a face spray although can be used on the body if you wish. I love it because it is so quick and easy to just spritz over your face after your skincare and your tan will develop during the day. It contains rosewater, witch hazel (tightens up those pores), camomile extract and aloe vera : so it really is a skincare-tan-hybrid product. You can pop your makeup on straight over the top after a couple of mins and be on your way. It’s also completely colourless so no visible marks or hints that you are getting yo’ tan on.

The Hydro Mist is also a great little product for touching up tan on the backs of the hands and feet. As it is a mist, it distributes nicely onto the skin straight from the bottle, but if you want to be extra thorough (I definitely am not), then use the mitt to blend it in over the skin.

I have been using both the face and body masks around 3 times a week in the PM to keep a nice, healthy tan and then if I want a little more of a boost on my face, or anywhere else, I have been using the hydro mist. I have also tried this over the top of my makeup like a facial mist and the tan still seems to work FYI. In terms of smell, you still do get a touch of the development smell, which is the DHA (tanning ingredient) reacting with your skin…but it’s not overbearing or particularly strong. Below is some before and after’s with using Ezitan so you can see the kind of colour it gives. PS I have NO idea why I look so serious in the ‘after’ picture.

fake tanning before and after ezitanezitan fake tanning range

As you can see it gives a really lovely glow to the skin, it’s an even tan and it’s what I call ‘a proper fake tan’ as in after one application it’s visible. I wanted to get it quite dark hence why I tried 3 applications : this also will show you if a fake tan will go patchy and also if it comes off badly but so far, it’s lasted really well and I simply exfoliate gently before another application. If you are on the paler side or don’t want to tan *too* much, one application would be sufficient for sure. I didn’t notice a difference in the level/ depth of tan between the 3 products so much but the overnight tan body mask possibly gives off a little more colour than the others. As explained before, all the products are colourless so it’s best to apply it with the mitt to ensure an even tan and smooth coverage.

Ezitan is available from Fragrance Direct and prices start at £12.99. It’s a mid-budget tanning range and I think everyone at least needs that tanning mitt in their life :  game-changer!

*This is a sponsored post, made in collaboration with Ezitan. Views, as always, are my own.