Roger & Gallet Sorbet body Lotion.

I am loving Roger & Gallet at the moment, their Fleur De Figuier is one of my favourite everyday scents at the moment and it’s so affordable yet looks, smells and feel luxurious. Something that has launched recently from them and that I started using daily on my recent trip to St.Tropez is the Sorbet Body Lotions that come in an array of scents.

The Sorbets are lovely and lightweight, and softly scented to give your skin cooling hydration, suppleness and a lingering scent. These also have a soft-focus sheen in them so perfect for post-holiday/holiday evenings and just for when you want your skin to have that lovely radiant and healthy glow. Another holiday-plus is that they are packed with Aloe Vera to soothe than over-sun-exposed skin!

Don’t get me wrong I do love a rich, thick body butter slathered on my skin once a week to give me that cocoon-like feel, almost like a mask ; but on a day-to-day-basis something that I can quickly pump into my hands, swipe on my skin and then get dressed immediately is always a winner. The Roger & Gallet Body Sorbets melt into an almost water-like feel upon application and initially you may think it isn’t going to give you enough nourishment on the skin but it really works on a dry skin well and the hydration can last up to 24hrs.

This fragrance I am using is ‘Cedrat’ (Citron) which is a nectar of fruit essences & fresh waters including cedar, vetiver, grapefruit, mint and water fruit. Super fresh, vibrant, energising and fresh. If you close your eyes it smells like that Dolce & Gabbana TV advert with David Gandy in that boat (!)…Clean, summery, Mediterranean and  sparkling. This is 100% unisex smell so is appealing to all, although fortunately my husband isn’t into fragrant body creams so he won’t be stealing it quite yet. I wish I could say the same for my face creams, shower gels and expensive cleansers.

For those who like a slightly sweeter, more floral scent then Roger & Gallet also do a body sorbets in Fig, Rose and Berries. They cost just £14 for a 200ml bottle (and yes to the pump applicator!) and are available at various outlets including M&S online.