NEW from Benefit : The Brow Microfilling Pen.

benefit brow microfilling pen review and how to use*This post contains press samples and affiliate links. I recently did an AD with Benefit Cosmetics with this product but this post is not part of the partnership*

Benefit Brow products : definitely my most-used and favourite of any makeup brand. I’ve used the Precisely my Brow and Gimme Brow and High Brow on and off since they all launched (and the high brow is something I’ve used for 15 years+!!). I was really interested to try their new Brow Microfilling Pen as it’s so different to anything they have already in their infamous and extensive brow makeup range.

I have never really used anything quite like this ; it has a 3-prong nib so gives you 3 light hair strokes with every sweep to mimic brow hairs and give you that microblade effect….without the commitment or fear! I usually use a liquid eyeliner to give myself individual brow strokes so this is something that I kind of do anyway and anything to make my job easier is a win for me.

benefit brow microfilling pen review and how to use

It comes in 4 shades :

  • Blonde
  • Light Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Deep Brown

I wear the darkest shade, Deep Brown. I would like them to come out with a brown-black as one darker I think would be a great addition to these shades.

The formula is a sheer translucent tint of colour opposed to an eyeliner consistency which is kind of what I was expecting ; this makes it a little more natural and buildable. You can see below from the swatches that one stroke is very natural and when you build up the layers it really fills and deepens the effect of the pen.

It is also smudge proof and long wearing to give you a 24 hour brow which is super important as no one wants to come home from the party with sweated off brows!

benefit brow microfilling pen review and swatches

Applying it is pretty easy although I would give it a few *go’s* before the big date night / occasion so you get used to how it applies and how to make it work for you.

I use it gently throughout my brow and then twist it sideways towards the tail of my brow so it’s a single brow hair as opposed to three where the brow goes thinner. It’s best to apply straight into clean, dry skin so the formula adheres and works properly.

If you like your brows to look a lot more filled in and darker, then you will need to use something like one of the other brow pens alongside this to help. I’m really sparse on my brows so I use the Brow Microfilling Pen first to give that hair-like texture, then the Precisely My Brow to fill in any big gaps, followed by the and then I finish with the Gimme Brow to keep any stray hairs in place. The before and afters are pretty impressive and I think these three work really well together for me.

benefit brow microfilling pen review before after benefit brow microfilling pen review and how to use

If your brows aren’t as sparse as mine then the Brow Microfilling Pen will work really well just on it’s own to give you a bit more shape and fill in the gaps. If you have thin brows like me and need lots of help, then it will work as a great addition alongside other brow products to give that extra bit of texture.

This is available now and costs £22.50. SHOP HERE.

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