My Top Bareminerals Makeup Products for a natural bronze, summery glow!

natural bronzed makeup

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Bareminerals… If there’s one thing these guys are the absolute dons of it’s their base products. They have SUCH an great selection of finishes, formulas and tones to literally suit anyone and everyone.

I think they are probably known for *that* loose mineral foundation powder  that we’ve all probably tried by now.That is actually still one of my go-to mineral (powder) foundations but they have also come out with so many amazing base products and foundations since then.

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I know this UK weather is still hitting us at all angles with the rain, wind and then all-of-a-sudden blistering heat so we aren’t sure whether we are coming or going but a look that works all year round come rain or shine is a classic natural bronzy makeup look. Daytime makeup with a bit more. Polished but not overly so and that extra boost of bronzer gives that healthy, radiant, look-at-me skin.

I did this look and used all of these products mentioned over on my Instagram here if you want to see them in action, how I apply and some techniques etc.

LINK to my IGTV video of this look is right here!

bareminerals complexion rescue bareminerals free highlighter


For skin prep I like to use the Bareminerals Poreless Oil Free moisturiser just on it’s own. It has s perfect lightweight feel and demi-matte finish which makes it perfect for suing under makeup and as your primer. Also gives a smooth finish if like me, you have a tendency for your pores to show up quite a bit through your makeup.


I’m a big fan of the Bareminerals Complexion Rescue tinted gel moisturiser. It’s oil-free and gives super hydrating water burst sensation on the skin. It’s lightweight and will give radiance, a touch of natural coverage and SPF protection. One of the best!

If you need a little touch of extra coverage in areas then the Barepro 16-Hr Full coverage Concealer is a great and easy multi-tasking concealer. I wear it both under my eyes and on any redness and blemishes and it gives a lovely coverage that you can sheer down or build up to a nice, full coverage. I apply it with a light buffing brush under my eyes so it’s not too heavy and then dab on a bit heavier on other areas of my face.

The new(ish) Barepro Glow liquid bronzer is absolutely incredible and it’s one of my favourite makeup products at the moment. Liquid bronzer formulas can be SO very hit and miss and most of the time….I’m not usually a fan ; sometimes the colour is a bit off, they can easily look patchy, too orange, not apply easily etc etc. HOWEVER….this one has been nailed in terms of formula. It’s a beautiful proper tan colour…not orange, it blends really easily and leaves the skin looking sun kissed, incredible and super healthy. I have the shade ‘Faux Tan’ which is the paler of the two shades and you can see this swatched below

The Barepro Glow has a bit of glow but no shimmer, it’s not muddy-looking and I just love how versatile it is. You can pop this in with your moisturiser if you are going without makeup to give a glowy finish. You can pop it in with your tinted moisturiser/ foundation to amp up the colour when you’ve got a little but more tan but don’t want to buy a darker of foundation. You can also use it straight on….neat as you would a normal bronzer. I pump it straight into the Smoothing Facial Brush and just swirl it and buff it over my cheeks, temples and across the nose.

The Endless Glow Highlighter is also a new product for me and it’s an absolute popper of a glow! I have shade ‘Free’ which is a champagne golden hue and I also swept this across my eyes for an eye-opening sheen. You can customise these kinds of powder to how much highlight and glow you want simply by the brush and technique that you use to apply it. A super soft and less dense brush with give you a wash of glow and if you want that seen-from-the-stars highlight then just build it up and pack it on with a denser brush. Sometimes a little dab with the fingertip can work a treat too!

bareminerals barepro glow faux tan review swatches bareminerals face smoothing brush

bareminerals barepro glow faux tan review swatches


The Bounce & Blur Blushes are a favourite of mine that I have talked about for some time on my blog and these are the most unusual spongey texture that blend seamlessly and you can simply tap them on with your fingertips or use a brush whichever you prefer. The shade ‘Coral Cloud’ is a perfect peachy tone which is great to wear with a bit of sun kissed glow.

**OK ANOTHER MAJORR PRODUCT ALERT!** The last time I tried a Bareminerals mascara was in like 2012 and it was when they launched the (really good btw) Lash domination mascara. I tried the Lashtopia mascara for the first time in my IGTV try-on and OMG this is one of the best mascaras I have tried for many, many years. On first impressions I am blown away. It made my lashes INSANE, they looked incredible, and gave me the fluttery finish that I love and I’m so very impressed. I will give it another week or so in case something terrible happens with the formula and it dries quick but I will definitely be doing a solo review with before and afters on this very soon.

To finish off this kind of look I love a coral lip, and for this perfect shade I mixed two of my favourite Bareminerals Mineralist Hydra Smoothing lipsticks : ‘Energy’ and ‘Grace’. It just creates a really soft muted coral and I love this technique of mixing lipsticks to create your perfect shade. You can see how it looks below when mixed!

If you like the sound of these high-pigment lippies I have my review and swatches of all of the shades I have right here btw!

bareminerals lipsticks bareminerals hydra mineralist lipsticks

I also added a few faux freckles to give that sun-kissed finish. I always find a few natural-looking freckles just look a little bit cute, they can make you look a little more youthful and also….like you have been out in the sun! I will do a little tutorial really soon about the best way to do faux freckles but here I just used my brow pencil du jour and dabbed them with my fingertips so they don’t look too drawn on or fake. Softness and randomness is key!

You can see from the before/after below that the base combination has given me a really nice and subtle faux glow and bronzed finish but I think if you didn’t see the before you would have no idea that I was really rather pale before.  I never like to make myself more than 2 shades darker than my natural skin tone otherwise it can get a little too much and also you then have to think about applying makeup/tan to your next and rest of the body. I like to be the colour I would go if I get a bit of sun rather than an unnaturally dark tone.

bareminerals barepro glow

bareminerals makeup how to apply

What do you think of this bronzed makeup look? Is it something you would wear. I know it’s more of a typical summer look but there’s nothing wrong with adding a bit of warmth to your skin all year round. It looks just as good with a nude or even a brighter lip.

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