New Launch | Bareminerals Complexion Rescue.

Bareminerals are soon to launch this innovative tinted gel-cream which I think will be a bit of a game-changer in the ever-expanding market of tinted moisturisers / BBs / CCs etc. We are currently being flooded with so many of these products that to me, all seem the same. This Bareminerals Complexion Rescue* has a slightly different formula and build-up to the typical creams and therefore we are promised it will absorb into the skin better and hydrate a lot quicker.

The Bareminerals Complexion Rescue takes the best components of a tinted moisturiser, BB and CC and is a super lightweight coverage that contains hydrating humectants and pigment with mineral-infused water to deeply hydrate the skin. It is a completely new formula in comparison to others we know & love : normal tinted moisturisers/BB’s/CC formulas contain water on the inside surrounded by oil, and then pigment, but the Complexion Rescue is the reverse of this, with mineral-infused water on the outside of the formula – and without oils or fragrance.

Other skin-loving ingredients include marine botanicals, hydrating humectants, mineral electrolytes (calcium & magnesium) & anti-oxidants. It also has a non-chemical, mineral-based SPF30. So makeup infused with active skincare that will protect the skin from free radicals and it will also help the skin’s texture and tone as you wear it. I know we have kind of been told this before countless times….I know I have, but I think the difference here is that this is more tinted skincare than makeup with skincare.

As it is water-based and super hydrating, it can be worn on the most sensitive and thirsty of skins….yet contains no oil and is a delicate, light texture so is also great for an oily/combination skin too. The coverage of this is pretty light;  it does make the skin more even-toned and awakens the face in look and feel (really cooling!) but for me, this is a perfect skin summer product. You aren’t going to be getting this to replace your foundation for sure, it’s more of a makeup booster…I would use it under foundation as a first-step, or in the summer when my skin is in good shape and I don’t need or fancy much coverage. The texture is almost like a really light whipped mousse and it instantly feels soothing and cooling once applied ; I think this is going to be a big deal this summer.

Above is shade 07 Tan swatched. I think when I was matched I had a serious slathering of XEN tan on as this current week, it looks way dark on my hand. As the formula is so light it blends onto my skin pretty easily although I’ll be wearing this  shade when I have a touch more colour.

Clinical studies have shown a 215% increase in skin hydration after just one week. 100% of subjects experienced an improvement in skin texture after one week.

The Complexion Rescue will be available in April, priced at £26 and will come in 10 shades.