Full on New Year’s Eve Glitter Glam Tutorial

Some full on, glitter, instaglam style, EXTRA makeup for your new year’s eve party, celebrations or a special occasion.

In this tutorial, I am taking you through step-by-step in this makeup transformation, perfect if you like a smokey eye (with literally just 3 colours!) and are perhaps a little unsure of how to add glitter into a makeup look without it going everywhere and looking a fine mess.

It’s waaaay too much (& complicated) to explain it in writing, so go ahead and click below to watch the 20 minute tutorial. Time stamps below are if you want to skip through to the relative bits.

I hope you enjoy it and please tweet me @LauraLouMakeup or leave me a message if you have any questions, comments or if you decide toy try a similar look!

I hope you have a HAPPY & WONDERFUL New Year in whatever you choose to be doing. See you in 2018. x

BROWS 3.06

EYES 7.10

FACE 14.42

LIPS 19.45