Brightening & Radiance treatments for your skin.

Everyone wants that glow, dewiness and bright, even skin tone. It not only looks ‘youthful’ but it makes you look so much healthier. Whenever I have a facial or choose skincare products, my main concern will always be to give me radiance and even my pigmentation/acne scarring. I had pretty severe acne from the age of 14-26 and from that, even when my skin is *clear* I still have quite patchy skin and light scarring so I have always tried to incorporate some form of brightening cream, serum, mask, pads in my skincare routine ever since I came off roaccutane.

Fortunately , glow is IN so along with that come a hoard of beauty products that promise to even skin tone, brighten and give you that glow back to the skin, here are some of my handpicked favourites.

Melvita Nectar Bright Essence

A highly concentrated corrective treatment, for a luminous and even-toned complexion. Actions include : Correct and fade existing dark spots,  prevent/protect against future hyperpigmentation and dark spots,  moisturises and smooths. Active ingredients include a complex of 5 white flowers and low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid with excellent moisturizing and regenerating properties + a radiance-boosting complex of lactic acid and arginine that promotes cell renewal. Also has a complex of  papaya, olive and lemon, which have great illuminating properties.

This is one of my current favourites and I have nearly used this up. Perfect if you are looking for a good all-rounder serum to brighten the skin and also want to hydrate and anti-age. Once more, this is organic and uses a glorious bunch of floral, plant-based and natural ingredients.

Radical Peptide Antioxidant Serum (now called ‘advanced’*!)

A powerhouse anti oxidant collagen boosting anti-wrinkle serum that shields against the free radicals responsible for skin ageing that repairs past damage and defends against future damage. Possibly THE most potent anti-oxidant serum on the market. Still suitable for sensitive skins and will also help reduce redness. I have had 2 bottles of this and I really noticed a difference in my skin. If you want to really give the skin a double-pronged boost, then use in conjunction with the Radical Age-Defying Exfoliating pads…these are insanely good!

This serum is for those who have a slightly higher budget for their skincare (it’s £125) and want something that is potent, anti-ageing and super active. I am yet to try the new advanced formula but will move onto that soon. I am assuming it is the same texture, results etc just a little bit stronger.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid

Cult product alert! This is one of the products here that everyone should have in their skincare routine. With glycolic acid from sugar cane, this ‘liquid peel’ overnight treatment harnesses the cell-stimulating and exfoliating properties of alpha hydroxy acids which remove lacklustre and dead skin cells, revealing the healthy ‘new’ skin cells beneath.

This will lower the skin’s pH (from 5.5 to around 3) which in turn stimulates cellular activity – accelerating repair and renewal processes. It kickstarts the synthesis of collagen and elastin which gives the skin the firm structure and also will eradicate the bacteria that causes blemishes. The resurfacing action of the acids helps to diminish visibility of acne scars, dark spots and brown patches, so your complexion quickly looks more even-toned and luminous.

This has a water-like texture, so you apply with a cotton pad all over the face like a toner. It’s recommended to start just once a week for 2-3 weeks whilst your skin becomes acclimatised to the level of acids , then build up to 3 applications a week, for
maximum anti-ageing and skin-brightening benefits.

Rodial Super Acids Hangover mask 

I like this more as a once a week all-rounder mask as it seems to not just tackle the brightening and exfoliating side of things but it also makes my skin feel baby-soft and totally revitalised. I have just come back from a week of hardcore boozing and partyting in St Tropez and this has given me the boost I needed! It’s A clay-based mask to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and restore a healthy looking complexion.

Ingredients include Kaolin clay to cleanse and rid of congestion, glycolic acid to resurface and brighten, fruit extracts of pineapple to exfoliate and pomegranate to boost the antioxidant protection, and hexapeptides that soften lines and wrinkles and impart smoothness onto the skin. 

Colbert M.D Tone control discs

I have SO many exfoliating, brightening, pore refining, acne reducing, radiance-giving pads that it is quite ridiculous. They have become quite a big *thing* over the last two years or so where most brands now are offering them. I have my handful of favourites including Radical, Cane + Austin, Dr Dennis Gross but these ones from Colbert MD are my current go-to’s and over the 2 weeks I have used them, they seemed to have done my skin some form of right. They do two types of these face pads but I like the ‘Tone Control’ ones for my specific needs.

Colbert as a brand seems to use ingredients that are quite complex and advanced so to break it down, here are the key ingredients and what they can do for you:

Skinbright QuSomes deliver molecules deep into the skin to aid in reversing hyper
pigmentation caused by sun damage. These break up the darker pigment in the skin, creating a more flawless canvas.  Inflacin is an anti-inflammatory molecule which soothes irritation and redness. Phytomoist QuSome is a moisturising agent which is 400 times as moisturising as Sodium Hyaluronate. Coenzyme Q10 protects skin from UV damage, Genistein blocks free radicals and Lipoic Acid Omega 6 Oil replenishes essential fatty acids.

Liz Earle Brightening Treatment Mask

I find this mask a little more gentle than the Rodial one and a lot more purse-friendly. It’s a great mask when you need an quick-acting and instant skin perk-up. It contains stimulating camphor oil and toning  witch hazel to help give your skin a natural-looking radiance. Contains white clay to cleanse /decongest to prevent blemishes and aloe vera to soothe and act as an inflammatory.

A great mask if you don’t want to use the stronger acids on your skin to brighten and this is my no.1 travel companion as it is only a small 50ml bottle and hits most skincare needs on the head in terms of a mask /quick treatment.

 What are your go-to treatments to give your skin a brightening boost?