A Full Face of Too Faced Makeup.

the power of makeup too facedWho knew that it would turn from Winter to pretty much summer in the last few weeks?! The weather has been surprisingly glorious and warm over these last few weeks here in the UK (literally just as lockdown started obvs) and it’s times like this that I start switching up my base and colours a little to get a slightly lighter and fresher, and peachy pop of colour.

I think I always lean towards peach and coral when the weather gets warmer as it usually means my skin is a little more tanned and glossy and these tones just seem to work for me. I was sent a bunch of Too Faced new hangover products a couple of months ago and have been meaning to try them out for a while so thought I would do this along with a FULL FACE OF TOO FACED GOODNESS.

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The Hangover Good In Bed (!) hydrating serum is new for me and it’s a perfect skin prep to make your skin look and feel fresh, plump, dewy and smooth. This is a normal skin serum, not a primer as I first thought, so you can whack it in your normal routine or use it as a perfect skin prep straight before applying your base which is how I use it. SPF is a pretty good idea so I also use a swipe of the Hangover Good to Go SPF25 moisturiser over the top and as my last step before me foundation and makeup.

You can definitely opt-in on a primer now if you want at this stage, but even with my oily skin, if I prep it well enough with the skincare steps above, then I don’t feel like I need a primer unless on holiday or I’m going to be outside in the heat all day. It’s nice but there is only SO LONG I can dance around in my garden at the moment, so I’m skipping the primer.

I am a big fan of the Too Faced Born This Way foundation and have been since it launched. It’s a great oil, free medium-full coverage finish and I build it up to the finish I want. A great way I have found to use it at the moment and if you want it a little lighter and dewier is to mix is half and half with the Hangover Good in Bed serum to give it a tinted moisturiser-esque finish.

Concealer-wise, I see they have just launched a new one in a little pot which I am yet to try but the Born This Way concealer is a great one for both under the eyes and on light blemishes, redness and uneven skin tone. The foundation has a great coverage on it’s own so I only ever need a few dabs of this on my face and I concentrate using it under my eyes to give a flash of brightness and lift.

Cheeks + Glow : To give a little flush of bronzer, glow and lush all in one, the Sweetie Pie is a really good powder to have when you want an all-in-one. Often I’ll use this as my one face powder and that’s it, I’m good to go. If I want a touch more flush like I did here, then a little dab of the cream colour Peach My Cheeks (I think now discontinued) is a really beautiful coral pop of colour. I’ve been wearing this for years and I’m sad to see them go if this is the case.

We all need that glow and highlight. Too Faced do SO many options now but I stick with my faithful Love Light highlighter in shade ‘Ray of Light’. I love the rose gold colour and it looks great with a bit of a tan too. ; Also lovely swiped across the eyes.

too faced sweetie pie bronzer too faced ray of light highlighter

too faced hangover good in bed good to go SPF25 too faced good in bed replenishing hydrating serum


My favourite favourite FAVOURITE eyeshadow palette from Too Faced of all time has to be the Just Peachy Mattes Eyeshadow palette.

The colours are warm with a nice mix of browns, plums, corals and pinks and the payoff is really bright and bold. I just swiped on two shades here to keep it simple :  the Peach Cobbler and the Peach Punch. I’ve just had a little look online and this doesn’t seem available at the moment, again, I really hope they are discontinuing it but we will see.

For that signature feline flick I’ve used the Better Than Sex Liquid Eyeliner. I REALLY rate this eyeliner and have been using it as one of my go-to’s for a few months now in fact I’m nearly at the end. It has a brush-tip nib which is nice and thin and allows for super precise application and razor-sharp flicks. It’s also jet black in colour AND waterproof.

I’ve been such a fan of the BTS mascara for years now and I recently got sent the new Too Faced  Damn Girl! mascara to compare. I have a comparison post I’ve that will be coming really soon for you but if you like a bigger than big wand, full volume, and a really lightweight formula then this new one is for you! I will go more in-depth in my review coming next week, but I will say the formula is really unusual and different!

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So a really pretty and fresh face with that pop of coral using Too Faced. I would love to know what you think and what products you have tried from them before. I think the go-to products from them for me will always be the bronzers, THAT mascara, the better than sex liquid eyeliner and also the Peachy Mattes eyeshadow palette.

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